Introduction to a Healthy Diet

You might not have considered eating a healthy diet, but with all the advertisements on television and in magazines you are now wondering what you can do to make good changes to your diet.

One of the secrets to the start of a healthy diet is to start slowly and build up until you eat a totally healthy diet. If too many changes are made overnight then often people will have withdrawal symptoms and cravings of foods that they consider bad foods.

There are some foods which are not totally good for you but there will be times when you want to eat fast food, sweet foods and other favorite foods. The art is to know how much to eat of these foods and to be aware of the consequences of eating them.

If you try to eliminate these foods totally then you will normally find you fail a diet by bingeing on these foods and then feeling like a failure. Instead keep eating your favorite foods but in small controlled portions.

Instead of a whole pizza try eating a smaller portion and if you don’t think you have enough will power to keep the remainder of the pizza in the fridge until the next day then either send it back in the restaurant of put it into the dustbin. You might think it is a waste of money but that is a small price compared to the medical costs if you don’t get your eating and diet under control.

If you haven’t eaten a healthy diet before then try and include both fruit and vegetables in your daily diet. Look at different ways to incorporate them into your diet.

Change to whole meal bread instead of white bread, brown rice instead of white rice. Then try to cook without a lot of fat and instead of deep frying try to see if you can bake or steam cook the food.

If you have a lot of changes to make for your diet to become healthy then see what daily changes you can make which will make a difference to your health.

You will also need to discover herbs and spices to use to give you lots of different tastes and ideas for the meals you are now going to prepare.

As a rule try and make a change daily or every few days to what you eat. If you are cooking for your family don’t try and expect them to make changes overnight without complaint. But introduce the new foods slowly to them until they also get too used to this new way of eating.

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