Is your body a well tuned engine?

Now that might make you smile but think about it carefully.

What do you think about when you heard the words engines and cars? For many people they have no idea about either and it is assumed that women know even less on the subject than men.

Around 20 years ago we had a problem with our car, the petrol pump died. You may say big deal what has that to do with anything, lots, just stay with me here. We rang the garage who informed us they could get the part and repair the car in 3 weeks time. Not good enough because we needed the car and we needed it today. My husband had just moved away for work and I did what I thought was the next thing to try. I rang a company that supplied parts and asked if they had the relevant petrol pump in stock and they did at a cheap price. I ordered it and then panic set in. Here I was with a car that didn’t work, and a part arriving the next day and I knew nothing about car mechanics. Answer. I went out and bought a guide which took me step by step in fitting the part. Being brave or foolish depends on where you sit I removed the old part and fitted the new one. I also realized from reading the book that the carburetor was in need of tuning. I did it at the same time. Moral of the story is that anyone can do car mechanics with the right parts and right information.

But seriously back to our bodies, we can look at cars on the road and see all types around. Many won’t know one make from another but let a roller (Rolls Royce) drive pass and most people will recognize it and certainly turn to look at it. On the other extreme a bashed up old car which looks ready for the scrap yard also gets comments but not nice comments either.

Now the question today what is your body like? Is it like a car bashed and beaten and looking ready for the scrap yard or is it like a beautiful Rolls Royce or a car anywhere in between? You see a car might be old but in really good condition. The owner has taken a lot of care and has pride about their car. Most car owners take more pride and care of their cars than their own bodies. Look at cars in future and then look at the owner. Don’t judge them but look and learn.

Car owners know what fuel to put into their car. They know whether it is petrol/gas or diesel and what octane to use. They know that if they put diesel into a petrol/gas engine then the car isn’t going anywhere. But most people give no thoughts about the fuel they are putting into their body. Anything will do for many people, just grab the nearest thing and it will get eaten. And what is the result of this action, unhealthy overweight bodies.

Now imagine you have a 200 mile journey and you only put one gallon of fuel into the car. Well unless you have a car which does that sort of mpg the answer is you are going to stop, and unless you are close to a petrol station you will need to call out someone to help you. But many people eat so little during the day and then they wonder why they have no energy or are unable to achieve anything. If you filled up the fuel tank in your car then the car doesn’t waste the fuel it will still do the same mpg unless you drive like a maniac but the same should be true with our bodies we give it enough food to allow it to use it when it is needed.

TIP: Did you know that if you eat too little then the body goes into starvation mode and everything you eat is automatically turned into fat.

Cars also need water. Have you tried running your car with no water in the radiator? What happens? I am sure you have been on the road on a hot day and seen many cars with their hood/bonnet raise and steam coming from them. The radiator has blown. Nothing can be done until a new radiator is fitted. Do you see what is coming next? You need water to survive. Our bodies need water, especially in hot weather we need more water. Make sure your body is kept topped up with water as you make sure your car engine is topped up with water. You can live without food but you can’t live without water.

Most car owners know their cars are in need of a service. This is a time where everything or lots of parts are checked. Our bodies need to be kept fit and it is called exercise. Take time out to get some. Walk, walk, walk. We were amazed when we visited one friend in the States and they needed to mail a letter. The Post Office was less than 10 mins walk away but they used the car. 20 mins walk there and back rather than use a car.

Many people can be found outdoors cleaning and making sure their car looks immaculate. They spend a lot of time on their cars why? Because they don’t want people saying that their car looks a mess. They don’t want someone to write in the dirt on the car CLEAN ME. But somehow people don’t take a pride in their appearance. They think because they are overweight they can throw anything on. Many times the wrong thing will make you look 10 lbs heavier, but put the right thing on, stand up straight and you can look like you have lost 5 lbs immediately. It isn’t about buying a whole new wardrobe of expensive clothing but of using what you have to the best advantage.

Get to know your body today and give it the same love and attention you would give to your car.
* Do you take more pride in your car making sure it looks and works well than you do with your body?
* Are you concerned about what people say about your car but not about what they say about your body?
* Do you put the right fuel into your car and are you putting the right fuel into your mouth?
* Do you put the right amount of water into your car and also into your body?
* Do you get your car serviced at the right time and do you spend time exercising?

Back to the original question, is your body a well tuned engine? If not what are you going to do today to start the process?




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