Just the Right Hair Cut

Your haircut is one of the first things that people notice about you when you first meet. And, since we all know that first impressions are very important, taking care of your hair and the way that it frames your face is also especially important. Choosing that hair cut isn’t a matter of good luck either. Rather it is a matter of determining your particular face shape and matching it with your particular hair type and color.

Sometimes a quick demi-permanent color is what is needed to add the extra shine or depth to the color of your hair. Sometimes you will need special hair care products to produce the results you desire. But everyone needs to have just the right hair cut to bring out their best facial features and create a look that is timeless and beautiful.

Let’s start with determining the shape of your face. This isn’t always as easy as it might seem. There are several different facial shapes that hairdressers can help you identify. The first is the oval which is considered to be ideal by hairdressers. This face is mathematically 1.5 times as long as it is wide with the forehead slightly wider than the jaw. Round faces are characterized by a round chin and lack the length of the oval face. Rectangular faces have a square chin and hairline and are long and narrow. Pear-shaped faces have a narrow forehead, are wide at the jaw line and have a rounded chin. Heart-shaped faces are widest at the temples and narrow at the jaw line, usually having a small delicate chin. Diamond shaped faces are widest at the cheekbones and narrow at both the four head and chin. And lastly, square shaped faces have a square jaw line and hairline which also tends to be square shaped.

Individuals who have an oval face shape can wear most styles and lengths and it still looks just right. This is actually the shape of the face that hairdressers seek to achieve with all other individuals by using hair cut. The only thing to be careful about is going for a very short pixie cut. While the face may be oval if the scalp is not universally shaped a shortcut can make the head look misshapen.

Women who have square faces should avoid short cropped hair, symmetry or anything geometric that enhances the squareness of the face. By achieving a soft look it will soften the severity of the square jaw line and square hairline. Light wispy see-through bangs can also soften features. Women who have a square shaped face should stay away from blunt cuts and hard lines.

Women who have a heart-shaped face need a cut that hides the hairline with graduated bangs. When the hair turns outward it equalizes the shape by giving volume around the narrowest portion of the face, the jaw line.

Women who have round shaped faces needed the illusion of slimness. In order to do this, shorter hairstyles with waves and soft movement that does wonders rather than a halo of curls. Women with rounder faces should avoid parting their hair in the center or using volume around the cheeks. The illusion of length to the face is achieved by creating height at the top of the head and minimizing the volume on the sides and around the ears.

Women who have diamond shaped faces should aim for creating width at both the forehead and minimizing width at the cheekbones. In this way the illusion of an oval face can be achieved. Diamond shaped faces are also longer and the goal is to make them appear slightly shorter. Using a chin length cut helps to give the illusion of a shorter face. The thickest part of the hair should be behind the ears and sweep up and away, especially if the chin is pointy.

Women who have pear-shaped faces will be narrower at the forehead and wider at the chin with small cheekbones. Choose a hairstyle that has volume between the ears and the shoulders and avoid short cropped hair styles or tying the hair back into a ponytail.

By taking your facial features and shape of your face into account when choosing your hairstyle you will be able to improve your overall look and decrease the amount of work it takes every day to look you are truly gorgeous self.

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