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General Guidelines for Follow-up treatment

In medical observations, it is observed that there are 85% patients whose passed kidney stones are very minute. So they easily pass through urine in two or three days without any pain. In some cases, the passed kidney stones are so large in size that they take months to flash out from the urine. medical studies explains that instinctively passed kidney stones are very minute having size 1mm and passed larger stones are 9mm in size. In addition, it is studied that generally easily passed kidney stones are seen in the lower ureter than the large kidney stones which are find in the upper ureter.
It is studied that the passed kidney stones require excess amount of water which is two to three quarter every day for flashing out from the urine. also it is studied that sometimes passed kidney stones require painkillers to stop the pain. In medical treatment, the doctor makes available a collection kit with filter for patients to put aside several passed kidney stones for medical research. Therefore, they can analysis the shape, size and type of the kidney stone. In some cases, patient needs to hospitalize because of the rigorousness of the passed kidney stones.

Passed kidney stones are the results of Lithotripsy or Surgery. The patient with passed kidney stones has to follow special treatment, which are relying on the size of the passed kidney stones and intricacy of the circumstances. The passed kidney stones are the effect of noninvasive procedures, which are used as a substitute for invasive surgery.
It is studied that passed kidney stones are very minute having size less than one centimeter or somewhat not as much than half an inch. So the exertion of such passed kidney stones only happened by the effect of Extracorporeal lithotripsy which is a shock wave procedure. The medical experts tell that these passed kidney stones do not exert instinctively and arise in the upper part of the ureter.

A medical study suggests that lithotripsy is the secure and helpful option for these passed kidney stones which are linked with distorted kidneys. But after the exertion of kidney stones of such patients there is the higher possibility for the reappearance of such passed kidney stones and so such patient should be supervise cautiously. The passed kidney stones which were blocked in the lower part of the ureter are exerted only because of the method like percutaneous nephrolithotomy, ureteroscopy or lithotripsy which is a shock wave method,  by which larger kidney stones has been passed. So by this procedures, we can analysis the location, nature, abnormalities and other future considerations of the treatment of the passed kidney stones. Also in some critical conditions, doctor analyzed that passed kidney stones has only one alternative i.e. standard open surgical procedure which is also called as nephrolithotomy.

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