Kidney Stone

A solid piece of material, which shapes in a kidney from substances in the urine, is called as kidney stone. This kidney stone exist in the kidney and sometimes it split and pass through the urinary zone. Such small kidney stone does not cause any type of pain and it pass through all region of the body. But there is too much pain from the kidney stone which is large in size and this stone passes through ureter, bladder and the urethra region. These heavy stones create blocks in the urinary system. So that really painful while exerting the urine.

In medical terms there are four major types of kidney stones. The first kidney stone which is commonly find encloses calcium. This calcium is normally used by all people to strength their muscles. In human body, some remaining part of the calcium which is not absorbed by the bones and muscles exit to the kidney. The person who have problem of calcium stones carry on the calcium in their kidneys. So in most of the cases the person who is suffering from the calcium stones exerts this extra calcium through its urine. The remaining calcium that keeps behind stick together with other wastage material and again it form a new stone which is called as calcium oxalate. So that is the first type of the kidney stone.
If there is any infection to the urinary system of the human body causes formation of struvite stone. This stone consists of material like mineral magnesium and the waste product that is called as ammonia.

When there is a collection of a too much acid in the urinary system of the human body causes the formation of a uric acid stone. Therefore, avoidance of the meat, sufficient use of fishes for eating is the home remedy to lessen the uric acid stones in the urine.
The fourth type like crystine stones finds very rare in human body. This stone is like a building block, which formulate muscles, nerves and other body organs. Generally this type of kidney stones is a problem of hereditary.

As far as size of kidney stones is concerned, they are small like a grain of sand and some stones are large in size like pearls. Some kidney stones are big in size like golf balls. These smooth stones are generally yellowish and brown in color.The symptoms for detecting the kidney stone pain are mentioned below.

The kidney stone occurs when there is a continuous pain in your back and at one side of your body. When you see bloody urine, then that is the sign of kidney stone. When stones form in your kidney, you have to suffer from fever and chills. Also vomiting is the sign of formation of kidney stones. Also if your urine has a irritating smell, it appears cloudy and there is the feeling of burning while exerting the urine, then it is a sign of formation of kidney stone.

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