Kidney Stones and Vitamin C

The vitamin C plays important role for preventing and dissolving kidney stones into urine. Therefore, if you are suffering from kidney stone, then your diet, which is prescribed by the physician, should contain the food material with vitamin C. So when there is the combination of kidney stone and vitamin C in your urine it will be surely dissolved in the urine. The calcium phosphate stone which is commonly find in a urinary region is not acidic in nature. The Ascorbic acid which is commonly form of vitamin c is used to acidify the urine and so it assists for dissolving phosphate. So that prevents the formation of that stones in the urinary system.

Also that ascorbic acid which is present in the urine is also used to dissolve stones which is made up of magnesium ammonium phosphate in the urine. Apart from this dietary treatment, other surgical treatment is available for removal of such stones.
There are struvite stones which causes infection to the urinary region. So both this infection and this type of struvite stones are cured by taking vitamine C in the form of doses.
There is an uncertainty about use of vitamin C food products by the person suffering from kidney stone. It is only because there is the formation of acidic urine by the calcium oxalate stone. The treatment to remove such type of kidney stone is to use sufficient quantity of B-complex vitamins and magnesium.

The most common occurence of calcium oxalate stone is found in acidic urine regardless of whether a person regularly consumes vitamin C or not. Such kidney stone formation can be checked if a person gets adequate dosages of vitamin B-complex and magnesium. Nearly 400 milligrams of magnesium along with regular B-complex supplements will be enough to check kidney stone formation in a normal human being.
The active ion in vitamin C is ascorbate, which regulates the productivity of oxalate in a human body. But practically, there is no increase in the oxalate stone formation by vitamin C.
There is a reduction in the combination of calcium and oxalate by the acidic urine. In addition, it diminishes the possibility of kidney stone formation.
there is a propensity of the Vitamin C which is present in the urine to combine calcium and diminish its remaining quantity which is in free form.The meaning of this is that calcium has a very less chance of separating out as calcium oxalate stones.
It is result of the diuretic effect of vitamin C to reduce the static condition, which is very much necessary for formation of the kidney stones.

We can prevent from unnecessary oxalates by not eating rhubarb, spinach, or chocolate. If a person is prone to forming oxalate stones, then there is a list of the suggestions about the benefits of vitamin C. Various types of fruit and vegetable juices have high content of citrates, which slow down the growth of uric acid and prevent the formation of calcium salts. Most kidney stones are mixture of calcium Instead of lowering calcium eating; reduce excess dietary phosphorous by avoiding carbonated soft drinks, especially colas. Ironically, some kidney stones can even be caused by calcium deficiency.

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