Kidney Stones Natural Remedies

The kidney stones are the harmful residue that accumulates in the kidneys. This mass is generally hard as stone and therefore they are called as stones. They may occur in numbers at the same time, and they may be of any size ranging from minute to large covering a major portion of the kidneys.

Generally, if they are minute in form they leave the kidney through the urine. However sometimes they are blocked in the kidneys and then they cause trouble. The symptoms include the pain in the abdominal region especially during the urination or menstruation. If they are not removed, they may lead to infections and other complications too. This may eventually lead to death.

Therefore, it is very important to cure them. However removing them from the body is the only way. For this though, it is very important that they be detected during the early stage. If unexplainable pain occurs in the buttocks area, abdomen, genital area, and pains during the urination and menstruation, then this may be because of kidney stones.

You can try various natural things against the kidney stones. They may be either preventive of curative. However removing the kidney stones is very important if they occur.

One of the best kidney stone natural remedies is to prevent the occurrence. For prevention of the kidney stones, the people should always consume diet, which is rich in nutrients i.e. the vitamins and proteins. The vitamins and minerals are necessary for the removal of the minute stones from the kidneys and thus, the larger stones, which cause problems, do not develop. In addition to this regular and frequent urinating habit also helps in avoiding the kidney stones.

Eating right and healthy food would keep you away form the problems of the kidneys. In addition to this, some things increase the chances of the occurrence of the kidney stones. These are the alcoholic drinks and other toxic substances. These should always be consumed in the least amount as possible.

In addition to this they intake of the calcium supplements also increases the chances of the kidney stones. The occurrence of the kidney stones having calcium in them is also common. Therefore, the people suffering from the kidney stones because of calcium should reduce consumption of foods rich in calcium.

Ideally, for the prevention of the kidney stones the people should consume more water and thus have frequent urinating habit. However when the kidney stones develop, the water consumption should be cut down. This is because this causes pain during urination. Therefore, avoid urinating frequently. Nevertheless, if you are taking some treatment for dissolving the stones then you should urinate frequently and thus remove the drugs and the other products formed during this.

In addition to this, some natural things may be taken for relief from pain. These should be taken orally. As severe pain occurs during urination, they prove to be very useful. Some of them are the herbs as the Cornsilk, Goldenrod, etc.

The natural preparations from the herbs also can be used as anti-inflammatory or anti-infectious drugs, for example the Bearberry, Marshmallow, etc.

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