Kidney Stones Treatment

If you are looking for treatments for your kidney stones then it is necessary to know that severity of your condition will depend on the type and size of a kidney stone. Most of the kidney stones are treated without surgery sometimes drinking lots of water a day, living physically active and other home remedies are good enough to remove stones from your body.

Sometimes paracetamol or over-the-counter analgesics are good enough to keep pain under control. Often doctors may ask you to pass your urine through a filter paper or a tea strainer this will help to find out size of kidney stone this is necessary to guide your treatment. It has been found fro the study that these stones may be smaller than five millimeters.
If this problem is sever for instance, there many be infection, a blockage or a risk of kidney damage then you will get treatment to remove your stone. Stone removal and infection avoidance is the most important factor of this treatment, this can be done using several medicines for instance antibodies, antibiotics etc, however if stones are stuck then they can be removed using several treatments such as extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, ureteroscopic stone removal , percutaneous nephrolithotomy etc.

Doctors could start kidney stone treatment by asking you some questions these questions may be related to stone symptoms and body pain. This is necessary to confirm the diagnosis and to determine the size, location and the type of stone. Kidney stone treatment can include several tests such as blood test, urine analysis, and taking X ray image, an intravenous urogram, ultra sound scan, non contrast helical computerized tomography etc.

Kidney stone treatment will include blood test, this test is necessary to identify excess amounts of certain chemicals related to the formation of stone. Kidney stone treatment may include urine analysis, this test is necessary to identify infection. Taking X-ray image is another tool to identify stones in this technique calcium usually shows up white on X- ray images. Ultra sound scan is used for high frequency sound waves to produce an image of internal organs. An intravenous urogram is used to reveal internal structure of complete urinary system, which cannot be seen from other techniques.
To avoid such types of kidney stones, you should drink lots of fluid in a day this will make your urine clear. You should avoid excess calcium in your diet, which would lower the risk of developing calcium stones. However, it has been found from the study that taking normal calcium may be more helpful in reducing calcium stones.

If you have calcium oxalate stones in your kidney, then you need to cut down food that have high level of oxalate such as chocolate, tea, rhubarb, cooked spinach and asparagus etc.
If you are suffering from acid stones then you should eat less meat, fish, and poultry foods. Medicines will help you to reduce the level of acid from your urine.

The kidney stone treatment will depends on type and severity of disease such as stone type, stone size and location of stone in the body.

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