Knee Exercises for Arthritis

Any type of physical activity is great for everyone, much less someone which suffers with conditions of arthritis.  Arthritis affects the knees in a lot of people with this condition and for many individuals, it’s a blow that comes with anxiety and depression out of fear of alteration and the unknown in the journey of arthritis. 

There are many exercises for the knee if you happen to have arthritis, which is a plus for many people.  This is because when most people are diagnosed with arthritis, they will tend to feel as though their lives are over or there is nothing that they can do, but this is all because of that person not being educated on how to treat different forms of arthritis.  Today, we are going to be discussing some knee exercises for people which have arthritis.

Riding A Bicycle

This is a great physical activity for people which have arthritis because riding a bike will absolutely work out the knees and overall legs in general.  If you belong to a gym and don’t want to ride a physical bicycle out on the highway, with is understandable, you could always ride a couple of miles at your local gym. 

The great thing about that is not only will you be getting stronger and keeping down the pain from arthritis, but you will be around other people that ride bikes too, which can offer out amazing support while you ride.

Join A Dance Class

If you could join a dance class at your local gym or wherever you can locate a place where there are dance classes.  This will be a form of aerobics and that is an amazing physical activity for people which suffer with arthritis. 

When you are constantly moving your body and knees with dance, you will then begin to see that you will obtain strength in your core, which results in less inflammation, pain, and swelling which links to arthritis.  I would recommend that you partake in a dance class at least two or three times per week because it doesn’t take that long to lose your power and strength.  You will want to keep it up at all times when you have arthritis.

Performing Knee Extensions

This is another great exercise to partake in if you suffer with arthritis.  Now, what you will need to do is make sure that you’re sitting in a chair and in a slow motion, you will need to extend one of your legs out as much as you possibly can. 

You will need to do this until your leg is parallel to the floor.  Make sure that you hold that extension for around one to two seconds and then bring your leg back down to the floor.  Please remember to switch sides and repeat this physical activity no more than ten times.  By performing the knee extension, you will discover that your knees will tend to feel stronger throughout time and that’s exactly what you will be needing if you suffer with the conditions of arthritis.

Performing the Knee Flexion

This is another lovely physical activity to engage in if you happen to suffer from the conditions of arthritis.  What you will need to do in order to be successful at this knee exercise is first, make sure you are sitting in a comfortable chair and not only that, but make sure you are sitting on the edge of it, okay? 

All right great, now what you will need to do next is make sure that your back remains straight.  After that, you will need to bring one of your legs up and place the shin of your leg inside your hands.  After you complete this, you will want to bring your shin toward your thigh, take a deep breath and hold this stance anywhere from one to two seconds and then release that position. 

Keep in mind that this stance will also stretch your hip area as well your knee location, which is an extra plus for people that have arthritis.  After you lower your leg back to the ground, exhaling a large breath, you will then want to switch sides and repeat this exercise no more than a common, ten times.       

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