Laser fat removal

Spot removing fat cells is just not possible with exercise and dieting, but it is using laser and liposuction. Sometimes you are at your ideal body weight but would like just a bit of tweaking to feel comfortable in your bikini or you want some skin tightening and fat removal in specific areas of your body.

Since the US FDA approved the use of laser lipolysis in 2006 people are experiencing shorter recovery time from fat removal using laser and better skin tightening after recovery.

In research published in 2013 researchers found that laser and liposuction combined had the added benefit of producing more collagen under the skin. Collagen is the main protein that gives the skin firm tone and reduces the appearance of cellulite. The added benefit of the collagen is that it tightens the skin so the amount of skin sagging after fat removal is minimal to none. (1)

In the study, researchers did find that after 3 months patients had between 20 and 80 of the skin retract based on the amount of fat removed from the area. (2) They also estimate the skin tightens approximately 50 percent more than with liposuction.

In the past the common medical procedure used to remove fat was liposuction. Unfortunately, this also left the skin sagging after the removal of the fat. With the combination of lipolysis and liposuction physicians are able to remove more fat and obtain a firmer appearance to the skin.

The process works as the laser liquefies the fat and causes the cells to rupture. The cell contents can be naturally removed by the body or removed during liposuction. After the cell ruptures it apparently dies. Research to this point has not indicated how long the process will last.

Other alternatives to laser lipolysis is cryolipolysis (using cold), sound waves and radio waves. The procedure is not intended to help those who are obese and want to lose weight but rather for normal weight individuals who have specific areas of the body they want tweaked.

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