Learn How Elderberries Boost Your Immune System

As cold and flu season approaches, it makes since to learn about natural ways to boost your immune system. One natural immune boosting fruit that has caught the attention of both food scientists and the public is the humble elderberry.

This unassuming purplish fruit is pack full of natural health benefits including its ability to fight infections and support your immune system. Best of all you can enjoy the immune boosting benefits in a number of different ways including gummies, elderberry powder, capsules and more.

Health Benefits of Elderberries

Published research suggests elderberries are:

High in Vitamin C: One cup (100 mg) of elderberries delivers 52mg of Vitamin C. This is 87% of the daily recommended value. (1)

Good Source of Dietary Fiber: One daily serving (100mg) of this purplish fruit delivers over 25% of the daily recommended value. In a single daily serving, you’ll enjoy 7 grams of dietary fiber. (2)

Rich Source of Flavonols and Anthocyanins: These strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds help to give the elderberry it’s purplish color and anti-inflammatory benefits. (3)

How the Elderberry can Support your Immune System and Keep you Healthy

One study included a total of 180 participant with upper respiratory symptoms. The researchers found those who took daily supplementation with the elderberry experienced reduced levels of upper respiratory symptoms.

So if you’re looking to enjoy a healthier cold and flu season ElderBerry powder may be a convenient choice. (4)

Another elderberry study included 312 air travelers. These road warriors took elderberry capsules three times per day. The results of the double blind placebo-controlled clinical trailer indicated those travelers experience less severe flu and cold symptoms along with a shorter duration of feeling under the weather. (5)

So if you’re looking to enjoy a healthy cold and flu season without worry, consider adding the this humble purple fruit to your daily routine.

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