Lose weight quickly or easily

Faced with the desire to lose weight before an event, before swim suit season or just because you’re tired of carrying around the extra pounds, you may be motivated to lose the weight quickly. However, is it better to lose the weight easily, or quickly?

According to Stanford Hospital & Clinics, between 80 and 85 percent of people who lose a large amount of weight will eventually regain it. One theory is that the calorie slashing that resulted in the weight loss can’t be maintained and can result in a lower metabolic rate. (1) The researchers recommend that people instead move to reducing weight by 1 to 2 pounds a week.

Keeping off the extra weight requires effort and committment so you don’t backslide into your previous eating habits. So, if you can lose the weight easily in the first place by making easy changes to your nutritional plan, then keeping it off will be easier than if you tried to lose it quickly and maintain a crazy diet plan.

But, sometimes making those healthy choices that keep the weight off easily aren’t as easy as you would like them to be! That’s because a good portion of our eating habits are not because of hunger pangs but rather because of psychological issues or emotional pain that drives us to comfort foods. Those foods, such as gravies, potatoes, sugar sweets and desserts or bread and butter, are just the foods that need to be eliminated or drastically reduced in your nutritional plan.

To make that weight come off easily you’ll need to address the psychological issues that have kept you from losing weight. Sometimes you might need to address these with a counselor and at other times you can delve into your eating issues using a self-help book or by investigating the issue with a good friend who isn’t afraid to tell you like it is.

Some of the changes to your eating habits that are important to make if you want to start dropping pounds is to reduce or eliminate any of the carbohydrates that are “white”. In other words, foods made with white flour or white sugar. Both kinds of food will spike your insulin levels and increase your cravings, which will sabotage your weight loss efforts.

Another weight loss tip that makes losing easier is to stay away from environments or friends who like to eat or who feed your eating habits. In other words, if you are trying to stop smoking you wouldn’t hang out with all your smoking friends because it will reduce your will power. The same is true for your environment or friends. If you know the breakroom has donuts and you love donuts, don’t go in the breakroom! Don’t go out to eat with your friends unless it’s to celebrate a goal you achieved.

Steer away from alcohol which is filled with empty calories. Go to the grocery store with a shopping list made from a menu for the week. YOu are much less likely to pick up the bag of chips if it’s not on the list – and if it’s not home you won’t eat it when you get the munchies.

Plan for the munchies and keep foods that are crunchy and crisp available. Celery with peanut butter is crunchy and filling. Frozen grapes are sweet and low calorie. Hard boiled egg is satisfying and filled with protein.

Your best choice is to make weight loss easy by making the changes to your eating habits slowly over time. Make one change every two or three weeks and pretty soon the pounds will start melting away and you won’t feel at all deprived!

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