Lose Weight Using Self Esteem

People who are overweight will often have very low self esteem. If you talk with them you will find they have a negative view about themselves and life in general. Dig a little deeper and you will find that they have heard so many negative statements about themselves; they are now living up to what has been spoken.

What normally happens when someone says they are going on a diet? They get a whole lot of doubts thrown at them as people say,
* “It won’t work.”
* “Look what happened last time.”
* “How long do you think you will last this time?”

The person’s self esteem and confidence is being destroyed every time they hear these things said. Soon they believe all the negatives that have been spoken to them. Words like, fat; ugly; stupid; greedy; lack of self control and many more statements which have been spoken to them. They see people whispering when they enter a restaurant, and realize that all eyes are on them, watching what they will eat which will get them fatter than they are.

It doesn’t take long to destroy someone’s self esteem. Tell them something long enough and they will believe it. They will see themselves as disgusting; fat; ugly. Enough! It has to stop and it has to stop today.

Do you really think by belittling someone they will lose weight. No, they are more likely to take comfort in food. Start today to build up this person’s self confidence. Tell them how much you love them; how beautiful they are. Let them know by word and deed how precious and loved they are by you. They will no longer need to take comfort in food as they once did. Tell them time and time again and one day, the words will become a reality. They will realize it is true.

Yet there will be a further benefit, as they no longer need to take comfort in food they will start to lose weight. They will do it not for themselves but for you. They will want to look good for you. They will want to go out to buy nice clothes; they will walk with their heads up high.

If you want to help an overweight person lose weight you can start by building up their self esteem. Start to let them know how wonderful they are. They will gain in two ways when you do this. They will lose weight, and gain their self esteem back.

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