Making Healthy Choices for Your Eating

There are times when you have to make a choice about what you eat. You will get to a stage in your dieting where you have to choose. Choose healthy food or fast food, what decision would you make and why would you make that decision.

It is a special occasion and you are being taken out for dinner. You have been told that tonight money is not a problem and you can choose anywhere you want to eat.

Normally you would choose to eat out at one of the fast food restaurants in the neighborhood, but there is a really nice restaurant opened just a few blocks away. People have been saying, how wonderful the food is there. You know that it is going to cost a lot of money, but the experience would be a dream coming true.

What would be your choice here, and more to the point what food would you chose once you got there?

Very few people would choose their local fast food restaurant for that special meal. They would want the candles; the wine; the soft lights and the music. People would want that intimate setting where they could talk quietly with their partner. They eat and savor the food they are eating. They taste every mouthful, and before they know it a couple of hours have passed.

People will normally choose that nice setting for a meal out, because they enjoy being treated as a special person. Yet everybody is special and deserves to be treated in a special way when it comes to food. You have now reached the point of making a decision between “fast food” and “non fast food” for your everyday eating.

You can make the choice of sitting at the table as a family and having that intimate dinner with everybody. You can have good food with conversation. Yes it might take some time if you don’t normally eat this way. But every member of your family is special and will enjoy being treated as a special person.

If you buy the food for your family then you are responsible for the food in the house. You have to stop waiting for the day to come when you have your diet sorted to start making healthy choices. Be radical turn off the television and tell the family that they are sitting down at the table for dinner tonight and every night. Add in a healthy food that the family don’t normally eat. Make changes slowly and see how the diet of the family will change.

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