Male Libido

Libido is a term used by Freud to refer to sexual energy or a driving force within humans according to Freud.  Jung use the word libido to refer to psychic energy; while today it is commonly used to refer to a desire for sex or sex drive.  More often than not when the term libido is used it is referring to the sex drive of the male and not the female.

Just as any other portion of the human body the male libido does not work in isolation from the rest of the man's life.  There are many things which go into either killing the desire for passion or elevating it.  These factors can include diet, rest, stress, depression and, alcohol, drugs, medications and smoking.  Other factors, such as diabetes, can affect the ability to attain an erection but not necessarily need or desire for an erection which is the definition of libido.  

In some cases men may have a nutritional deficit which affects their desire for sex.  For instance L-arginine, a nonessential amino acid, has been found to be necessary for the normal functioning of the pituitary gland which also has an a fact on maintaining a sense of well-being and particularly male sexual health.

One of the factors which affect the male libido, depression, is a symptom in almost three quarters of all man who are depressed.  If a man is feeling the blues than sex will be the last thing on his mind.  Depression however, is a very treatable condition and with the correct medications then are often able to go on and lead a very healthy and satisfying sex life.

There are certain antidepressants which can cause a reduced libido.  However, working with your physician, you can find a medication which does not have these side effects.  Other medications such as marijuana, alcohol, heroine and cocaine will all have a marked negative effect on the man's libido.

Another factor which can affect a man's sex drive are low levels of male hormones.  While hormone replacement therapy can help, only a physician can diagnose and recommend treatments for the problem.  Sometimes even the slightest sniffle can leave a man switched off.  Everyone copes with illnesses differently but be aware that in some cases a lowered libido can be symptomatic of other more serious conditions which affect the thyroid or pituitary gland

There are consequences for a lowered sex drive in a marriage especially when a man doesn't want to talk about it.  It may be difficult to differentiate between those men who aren't interested in sex and those who aren't interested in sex with their wives.  Discrepancies in sexual desire can cause a tremendous amount of frustration, most of what has been written and studied has been from the male perspective.  However, if this issue is and dealt with it can destroy a marriage.

Women often express feelings of frustration and anxiety when their husbands continued to reject them because of the male experience.  Women feel rejected, unaccepted, unattractive, unloved and uncared for.  They often express difficulty being married to a man they love and respect but who has no interest in them. 

If a man can admit to the problem of a lower sex drive then help is available with either natural treatments or adjustments of current medications.  Left without treatment or discussion this frustrating condition can completely debilitated marriage and contribute to the current divorce rate.


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