Male Waxing

Do you wonder how those male models are able to show off lots of bare skin, wearing minishorts, bathrobe, boxers and jackets that expose toned hairless chests? Well, you can chalk it up to male waxing. Waxing for hair removal is no longer just a female prerogative. In fact it is not only male models who are using this particular form of hair removal in order to clear chest, arms and sometimes even legs of large amounts of hair.

Waxing is a particularly painful process, but which clears the hair for longer periods of time than shaving. Shaving does the same trick but must be done on a consistent basis in order to reap the same results.

Some male models have learned to respect women even more after having attempted a single waxing session, believing it is quite a bit like torture. But even after shuddering and shivering there are a number of men who are signing up to get a Brazilian wax, chest wax or arm and back wax. For women, the Brazilian wax involves the pubic area, everything except to a strip about an inch long above the vaginal area. This same waxing experience in men will include hair around the pubic bone, anus and scrotum.

According to Newsweek magazine more and more straight men are joining the ranks of men who enjoy the results of waxing. Apparently, the trend started among gay men in New York City but has always been common practice for men who practice bodybuilding, swimming and cyclists. Each of these different sports have the hair removed because it decreases friction, drag in the water and increases the amount of oil which will cause a reflective surface off the chest and abdomen highlighting all of those hard fought for muscles.

But waxing does come with certain problems and issues, including ingrown hairs and wax burns. African American men, who already are at higher risk for ingrown hairs, should think twice and even three times before agreeing to waxing any part of their body.

If a waxing is on the agenda then do not shave the area to be treated or at least 14 days. If you do, the procedure will hurt more and will not be as effective as when the hairs are longer and the wax has more to grab onto. No matter how strong or macho you believe yourself to be, pre-medicate with pain medicine about an hour before the procedure. Ibuprofen and relaxation techniques can help to decrease the perceived pain during the procedure and the pain experience once it is finished.

Before getting a waxing be sure to clean the area thoroughly. Hot wax will open the pores and as the hair is ripped from the follicles it opens the area to infection if there is bacteria left on the skin. You will have to undress the area which requires waxing, so dress modestly.

Whether you are at risk for ingrown hairs or not it is a good idea to use a body scrub between treatment to discourage the growth of ingrown hairs. These ingrown hairs often occur in hair which is curly and grows back into the skin before it has fully grown out. It causes an unsightly bump that is painful and can become infected.

The wax which is used is hot wax and can cause a burn. Do not use an oil-based products in order to soothe the burn. Instead use a product which is based in tea tree oil or aloe vera to help speed healing and soothe the sting. Products high in Vitamin E can also help the skin repair.

Waxing isn’t permanent so while you don’t have to shave every day you will require a wax every four to six weeks. Remember though that you must have a hair growth that is long enough for the wax to cling to before undergoing the treatment again.

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