Massage for Arthritis

People with arthritis may want to consider massage therapy as a way to reduce their chronic pain. A simple massage can help to manage pain and stiffness.

Today, there are a number of people who are searching for nature ways to reduce their pain. Ongoing research shows that massage therapy can lower the stress hormone cortisol, while boosting the production of serotonin. 

There are many massage techniques people can enjoy when suffering from arthritis. In the article, I will share with you several massage techniques for people who suffer with arthritis.

Getting the Swedish Massage

This type of message is one of the most popular and common types of massage.  This massage involves fluid, long strokes alongside a person’s joints and muscles, as well their tissues.  The Swedish massage has been shown to help reduce soreness, as well stiffness in a person’s muscles and joints. 

A lot of people do not know, but a Swedish Massage also helps to reduce anxiety and improve circulation.  Here are the the some basic strokes of a Swedish Massage: 

  • Sliding and or gliding the hands across your patient’s skin
  • Kneading of one’s muscles
  • Rhythmic tapping of the knuckles or fingers across the person’s skin
  • Moving across fibers (friction)

A lot of people who suffer from arthritis love getting a Swedish massage because of how relaxed, flexible, and at ease their joints, as well muscles feel!

It has been noted after receiving a Swedish massage, many people report their joints and muscles feel light and not so bogged down.  Some people even report that their inflammation was reduced weeks after receiving the massage.

Getting the Deep Tissue Massage

Ah, the infamous deep tissue massage!  Did you know this type of massage is among one of the most popular massages available today?  The deep tissue massage mainly focuses on the skin, as well the deep layers of a person’s muscles and tissues. 

This type of massage will require intense, focused pressure applied from your therapist.  What is this type of massage designed to do for it’s patients? 

This type of massage has been designed to address severe pain, as well tension inside a person’s muscles or connective tissues.  Keep in mind that a deep tissue massage could cause light soreness for some people. 

Getting A Hot Stone Massage

You will be able to find a hot stone massage in most massage facilities and Spa services.  What does a hot stone massage involve?  Well, it’s where your therapist will lay down hot stones alongside your spine while you are face down, laying on you stomach. 

There are so many great benefits which come from a hot stone massage.  What happens is the hot stones will send soothing heat to all the muscles, as well tissues in your body.  What this will do is release the tension, prompting extreme relaxation throughout a person’s body. 

Nine times out of ten before the hot stones are placed alongside your back, your therapist will knead out your muscle before the hot stones are laid on because this will open up your muscles, blood flow circulation, making the hot stone massage penetrate a lot better into your skin.

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