Men’s Facials

For the most part men don’t usually care about skin care until they suffer from acne. Men usually think that their skin is made of indestructible material. They shave their faces every day, are out in extreme weather and continue to eat junkfood. But, like women’s skin, the skin continues to age and show marks as men continue to get older.

Now there are new options available to men which help to take care of the health of the largest organ in a man’s body, his skin. Oftentimes men ignore the care of their skin and face and may only ask questions when they feel their faces gotten too dry, they noticed wrinkles or they begin to break out in pimples. Bad eating habits, lack of exercise and lack of basic facial care can results in dry sensitive skin. And, what is very disturbing, is that most men ignore it and don’t take any action.

These changes in the skin can results in acne breakouts as a man ages into his 20s and 30s. What he thought he left behind in his teens has suddenly caught up with him as he is climbing the corporate ladder.

A facial will help restore the balance in the skin and give a more youthful appearance. For your first facial go to a reputable spa and ask the aesthetician to analyze the type of skin you have as well as the condition she finds it in. This is an invaluable service by itself because you will now be able to choose facial products to use at home that are perfectly suited to your skin type and will give you the best possible results.

Blackheads respond very well to a facial or a cleansing mask. Blackheads are the result of pores clogged by excess sebum, facial oil, that has oxidized, turning the head of the pimple black. Cleansing facials and cleansing masks help to loosen the blackheads and allow them to be removed more easily. Interestingly, these can also be used just in the target area and not necessarily all over the face if the mask you are using is particularly strong.

Men who suffer from dry skin should never use regular soap to cleanse. Try instead a gentle foaming cleanser or milk cleanser which is mild and will help remove the oil while being gentle on the skin.

Drinking alcohol will actually dehydrate the skin which is why your face looks sallow the morning after partying with your friends. One way to avoid this is to keep up a daily skin care regimen that includes moisturizing and using a moisturizing facial mask the morning after a hard party. This keeps the skin soft and replenished, ready to withstand some of the abuse it takes when we have a few beers with our friends.

Once a week include a facial scrub or exfoliate to help slough off the dead skin and help the skin look more radiant. While the daily shaving can sometimes be thought of as exfoliating, it is hidden menace and men only shave over the cheek and chin leaving the nose and forehead without care.

Your final touch should be to use a proper moisturizer over your lips to keep them kissable and soft. Remember to drink lots of water to keep the skin hydrated and the cells as plump as possible. When it comes to the skin, you really are what you eat. If your diet is poor or full of holes you’ll want to consider a multivitamin supplement, particularly high in vitamin E.

And don’t forget protection from the sun. No facial or skin care product will be able to undo the photo aging damage done to the skin by the UVA and UVB rays.

When choosing your particular product get the advice of a skin care expert, aesthetician or dermatologist who can help you determine your particular skin type and recommend the right product. Don’t use facial products more than they are recommended, but don’t use them less than they are recommended either. Optimal skin care will happen when the products are used as directed.

Facials can also be made at home by using ingredients that you can get at the grocery store. Depending upon your specific skin type you will be interested in using yogurt, bananas, avocados, raw egg, oatmeal and a variety of different herbs. Each of these ingredients produces a specific effect on a predetermined skin type or skin problem. Don’t make your own mixture without first consulting recipes designed to make your skin type look its best.

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