Myths about body fat

As more and more people are focusing on weight loss and toning muscle to improve health and reduce insurance costs, you may be operating under myths that will reduce your potential for success. Let’s debunk some of those myths and provide facts about fat that will only help you get rid of more of it.

1. You can lose fat in just one area of the body. This is a myth that has been spread for decades and feeds the spot weight loss and toning industry. Yes, you can spot tone, but your body will lose fat overall and not in just one place. The exception to the rule is belly fat which is really visceral fat. This fat is wrapped around your organs in the abdomen. It is the easiest to put on and to take off.

2. Reducing calories below 1200 calories per day will burn more fat. The truth is that when your calorie intake goes below 1200 per day your body goes into starvation mode and metabolism slows significantly. In this state your body will conserve as much fat as possible.

3. You can lose all the weight and fat you want by exercising for 10 minutes a day. While you can spot tone in 10 minutes, your body will not start to burn enough calories in 10 minutes to burn fat. Your body will burn fat when it needs the fuel to do it. This will only happen when you reduce the amount carbohydrates you eat and burn more calories than you eat in carbs. Only then will your body begin to burn fat for fuel.

4. Fat weighs more than muscle. Although it seems to make sense on the surface, it isn’ true. A pound of fat weighs the same as a pound of muscle or a pound of gold. What is true is that a pound of fat will take up more space in the body than a pound of muscle.

5. While most of us carry around too much fat, you do need fat to live. This is true! You might be carrying more fat than you want or weigh more than you wish you did, but you do need fat in the body for your body to manufacture hormones and function optimally.

6. There is only one type of fat. Actually our bodies have four different types of fat – white, brown, visceral and subcutaneous. Each of these types of fat have different metabolic activity, burn different amounts of calories and are found in different amounts in each of us.

7. Fat is not impacted by sleep. In fact the opposite is true. In a study released from the University of Chicago in 2012, researchers found that a lack of sleep will reduce the ability of fat cells to respond to insulin by 30 percent. This increases your insulin resistance and therefore increases the amount of weight you gain.
(1) The University of Chicago medicine: Even Your Fat Cells Need Sleep, According to New research

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