Natural remedies for Depression

Depression is a condition that affects a person’s mind, as well as their body. Approximately 20 percent of people will suffer from depression at some time in their life. It is believed that women tend to suffer from depression at a higher rate than do men. Some people suffer so severely that they will require treatment for this condition.

Recognizing symptoms of depression is not difficult. The most prominent signs of depression will include:

a sadness that will not go away
a feeling of being “not good enough” or guilt feelings
a “down” mood
no interest in what was previously enjoyed
generalized fatigue and excessive sleeping
the inability to make decisions or concentrate
overeating or under eating combined with excessive weight gain or weight loss
verbalizing “death” wishes
the inability to sit still
being annoyed at petty things in general
a lack of interest in sexual desire

The causes of depression are varied. These would include such things as hormones, stress, trauma, anxiety, genetics, vitamin deficiencies, and/or chemical imbalances.

Seeking help for this condition is the first sign of your progression to wellness. Some forms of treatment will include therapy and/or medications. If seeking out a more natural form of treatment for depression there are other options that one might try. Some possible natural remedies for depression are:

rose petals and sugar in hot water
licorice tea
dry asparagus root
apples, milk, and honey

Other remedies that are not food related that would help with depression are also found in exercise, soaking in a tub, a well-balanced diet, meditation, prayer, and/or relaxation techniques. Many people find that when they are feeling depressed they go for a walk to “clear their head”. This is a very popular method of choice.

Still others find that their stress is helped by involving themselves in a hobby, such as a craft or writing. If someone is depressed they might find purpose by helping others who are in need. It is good to remember that no matter how bad someone is feeling there is usually someone in their environment they can help, and helping makes you feel better.

Watching a person that you love suffer with depression is heartbreaking. You want them to be happy, but there is not much that can be done, but offer continual support. Through their continued efforts and a supportive person in their lives the chances of them finding peace is increased a great deal. If you know someone who suffers from depression help them by educating them on the above self-help techniques. You may suggest that they see their doctor regarding this and most of all stand by them and offer them your support.
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