Not eating much

This is a common cry from many dieters. “I don’t understand it, I hardly eat anything, but I am not losing weight.” Time and time again people underestimate what they are eating. They see a small portion on their plate but forget how many calories and fat is included. If you have been used to eating large portions, then you might not know exactly what size a portion you should now be eating.

Even though people underestimate what they eat, there is still the other problem of people thinking, “If I cut my eating to 500 calories then I will be able to lose weight easily.” This is totally wrong. By eating too few calories your body will be running on empty. That is like trying to run a car with no gas in it, hoping it can make the 400 miles you want to go.

You will be expecting your body to perform tasks during the day and there is no fuel for your body to do that. You body will realize that there is a lack of food here, and everything will be going against what you want.

Your brain will be saying, “Store food, starvation, survival is needed.” Your body will start to react and store the food converting it to fat which it will then be able to use when you need the energy.

Now you are having the opposite effect to what you want. Because you are not eating enough, you end up gaining weight. This is why low calorie or fad diets don’t work. They don’t work because they end up causing you to gain weight in the long term. Don’t put your body into starvation mode by not eating enough. Learn what you should be eating, and then you will never be in the position of saying “I’m not eating much, but I am not losing any weight.”


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