On Gout and Gout Prevention Options

Gout is basically a condition. One that you surely wouldn’t want to have, considering that it stands to be one of the most painful types of arthritis known to the medical world. Gout is basically a form of metabolic arthritis, where uric acid crystals are developed, and deposit themselves in the articular cartilage of the joints, affecting the tendons, as well as the surrounding tissues of these portions of the human body’s anatomy.

The prevalence of these uric acid crystals in the joint areas, leads to the pain that come with a gout condition, which are sudden and unexpected, aptly termed as “gout attacks”. Aside from “gout attacks”, another symptom of gout would take place when the uric acid crystals grow rather large in size, large enough to actually burst through skin, developing a fissure which a whitish, chalky substance would come out. For these cases of gout, surgery options are available. Gout is also a condition known for the development of extreme skin sensitivity, where the skin areas of gout patients are subject to intense sensitivity. Some conditions are known to be so intense that even something like that of a very very lightweight blanket would mean a world of pain already to a gout patient. Low grade fever is also among the symptoms of a gout condition, but isn’t exactly occurring on a general scale.

When talking about gout prevention, there lies an option for gout prevention in successfully applying a gout prevention diet, or simply put, a gout patient’s diet. As gout is a condition caused by uric acid crystals, sticking to a diet of low purine content stands to be a smart option as a gout prevention measure. Also, taking in lots of liquids, as it is known to be quite beneficial for gout patients, could also be a gout prevention option, which people could easily apply. 

Examples of food types to avoid in applying a gout prevention diet would be limiting one’s intake of meat, fish, poultry, sweetbread and seafoods. Taking in celery, cherries and cheese would be a good thing, as many gout patient diets encourage the consumption of these food types.

Seventy five percent of all gout cases have their “first gout attack” happening on the big toe, or big toes. This information could be a tall tale sign of what could be a gout condition, and should be indicative enough for you to visit your physician.
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