Pictures of kidney Stones

For diagnosing the kidney stones, various medical surgeries firstly takes the pictures of kidney stones for getting idea about the size, type and its nature. These techniques are X-ray technique, shock waves, tunnel surgery, ureteroscopy that assist the patient to get rid of kidney stone.

A doctor firstly takes the pictures of the kidney stones by X-ray machine. After considering the type of the kidney stones, these pictures of kidney stones are used in four different types of diagnosing techniques of kidney stones. This X-rays report is in the form of pictures of the kidney stones. He can guess the chemical composition of such kidney stones.

The X-ray pictures of kidney stones are generally of four types, which we find in medical study. These pictures are of uric acid kidney stones, calcium carbonate kidney stone, calcium oxalate kidney stones and struvite kidney stones. We can also view various pictures of kidney stones according to their chemical composition.

The pictures of kidney stones contains the chemical compositions like uric acid, brushite, carbon apatite, calcium oxalate monohydrate which is deposited over silica, canine, struvite, struvite with staple, calcium oxalate monohydrate which is made up of superficial dehydrate, calcium oxalate monohydrate which is coated with Triamterene, Xanthine, Brushite, Struvite which is also called as Ferret.
By taking the pictures of the kidney stones, the doctor considers the status of the kidney stones. Generally, the picture of kidney stones consists of a small like a grain of sand and some stones are large like pearls. Some kidney stones are big in size like golf balls. These smooth stones are generally yellowish and brown in color.

After getting the whole ideal from the picture of kidney stones, a doctor can recommend the prescription for next stage of the medical treatment. Therefore, the advanced surgerical techniques really depend on the pictures of the kidney pictures.

In extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy shock wave treatment, a particular machine is used by the doctor to send shock waves in a straight line to the kidney stones. These waves help to break the large stones into small pieces and flow and exert from your urinary system of your body in the form of urine.
In the technique like the tunnel surgery called as percutaneous nephrolithotomy. By considering the pictures of kidney stones, a small scratch is made by the doctor into the backside of the patient. He makes a slight burrow through the skin to the stone within the kidney. In this technique, the doctor uses a special instrument, which goes through that tunnel or burrow. At the final stage, doctor finds the stone and gets rid of this kidney stone.
Ureteroscopy is a technique by which is used to detect the kidney stones and then eliminate these kidney stones from the human body. This ureteroscopy technique looks like a long wire, which is inserted in the urethra where doctor can detect the kidney stones. This modern technique is incorporated with a camera, which is used to take pictures of kidney stones. By viewing these pictures of kidney stones, a doctor lastly uses a cage for eliminating these kidney stones.

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