Quit using excuses, start to exercise

What excuses do you have as to why you can’t exercise? The most common excuse is I can’t exercise, because and then people add what they think sounds like a good reasons. The truth is that isn’t a good reason.

If you are in a wheelchair then there are exercises that can be done, look how many people in wheelchairs take part in sports. Look at the Paralympics to see how many people are involve in sports of every kind. If you look at many elderly homes they will have a fitness instructor come in and do exercise with the people while they sit down.

Regardless of your weight or medical problems there are always exercises you can do. You will need medical advice before starting any exercise program.

Walking is a great form of exercise especially if you are starting to exercise for the first time. You can get outdoors and go for a brisk walk.

It is time for you to become inventive and have fun exercising. You might like to dance, but fear of what people might say has stopped you from doing what you love. This is no longer a problem, put a CD on and dance away at home especially at times when there is nobody around. You might want to learn a new form of exercise then buy a DVD or join a class and discover a whole new world in the realm of exercise.

Set yourself a goal with exercise. Imagine you are preparing to run or walk a marathon. You will never finish it unless you prepare, and prepare well for it. You will not succeed if you keep skipping your classes. If you have a goal then you are more likely to continue your exercises rather than quitting as you have done up to now.


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