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Historically, CrossFit Training was started by Greg Class, a high school gymnast, and his wife Lauren Glassman. In 1995 it was brought into recreational and public gyms. In that same year, Santa Cruz police department hired Lauren Glassman to be able to train the troops. For seven consecutive weeks, the “Gagetown Infantry School” was focused in various tests in fitness categories that include strength, agility, stamina, flexibility, balance, accuracy, speed, power, coordination and respiratory endurance.

In other testing CrossFit training also rendered good results using the above criteria – all of which are necessary in burning fat and reducing overall fat on your body. (1)

CrossFit is principally a strength and conditioning program that many different police, and tactical operations team use to achieve a broad based overall level of fitness that is not specialized, but instead gives the athlete the tools he needs to be in the best overall fitness achievable.

The program itself doesn’t change based on the ability of the athlete. For instance, the type of work done for an elderly individual recovering from cardiac disease or an elite athlete will be the same. The regimen stays the same, the intensity is scaled up or down to accomodate the needs of the individual.

The program using plyometric jumps and nontraditional weight equipment, such as kettlebells and sandbags. Because the program is somewhat explosive, it also increases the risk of injury to the athlete. It is important to work with a personal trainer who is very familiar with the program to learn the moves well before doing it on your own.

CrossFit incorporates both the cardiovascular and the strength training needed to require your body to start burning fat instead of the carbs that are easier to burn. This higher intensity exercise will also burn more calories overall in a shorter period of time.

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