Reduce Holiday Stress with Lavender Oil

Lavender essential oil is not technically an oil, but rather an extract that is gathered from the flowers of the lavender plant usually through steam distillation. Lavender is a derivative of the Latin word “lavare”, which means “to wash” because of its clean and pleasant aroma.

Lavender is a great choice during the holiday season to help get rid of holiday stress. The simple scent of lavender easily removes any stress or anxiety the holidays may bring.

In addition to helping people relax, the scent of lavender also aids in getting a better night’s sleep, too.

Unlike many sleep aids or curatives for insomnia, lavender doesn’t cause “fogginess” or a correlating decrease in mental capacity or alertness. In fact, one study had participants inhale lavender and rosemary oil before taking an exam, after which they showed a significant decrease in mental stress and anxiety paired with an actual increase in cognitive function.

In addition, to using lavender to get a more restful night’s sleep, many also drink tart cherry juice before bedtime.

How to Use Lavender:

Lavender can be used in a diffuser in your home. This will help to alleviate stress and promote a calm, beneficial environment. Or, if you’re visiting relatives during the holidays, place the oil in a rollerball dispenser to roll on pulse points when feeling anxious or stressed.

Lavender can be combined with a distillate and sprayed on bed sheets at night,or put in the final rinse of laundry when washing bed sheets to promote calm and bring on sleep. This is a great way to end the day if your spending the holidays with stress-causing relatives.

Another way to use Lavender is to mix it with a carrier oil such as grape seed, almond or olive oil.

Lavender oil blends well with many other essential oils such as pine, cedar, nutmeg, lemon, peppermint and geranium. 

Additional Health Benefits of Lavender:

In addition to reducing stress and anxiety, there are numerous health benefits to lavender oil. Here are a few addition ways to use Lavender oil:

  • reduce nervous tension and stress
  • relieve pain
  • aid in sleep
  • aid in hormonal balance
  • disinfect the skin and scalp
  • combat acne
  • enhance blood circulation
  • alleviate and heal burns.
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