Removing Kidney Stones

For removing kidney stones from the uretery system, some home remedies and medical treatment are very vital. However, for the kidney stones, which are large in shape; critical surgeries and expert’s treatment becomes the last alternative. However, feel free, apart from home remedies, the advanced surgery, new techniques from medical science is the solution for removing kidney stones pain.

In some cases, these kidney stones are so large that it is very painful to adapt the home remedies. So medical treatments are the last options to lessen this stone plane. Previously the recognized physicians had limited options like surgery for removing kidney stones problems. Now due to advanced research in medical science, there are various advanced techniques like shock waves, tunnel surgery, ureteroscopy that assist the patient to get rid of kidney stone. For removing the pain of kidney stones, the doctor firstly check the size, shape and type of the kidney stones. Also is very important for the doctor to consider the kidney stag of the patient.

In this shock wave treatment, a physician uses a particular machine to throw shock waves in a straight line for detecting the kidney stones. So that waves helps out to break the outsized stones into small pieces and then these small pieces wash out and exerts from your urinary system of your body in the form of urine. The full name for this method is extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy. Doctors often call it ESWL for its short form. Lithotripsy is a Greek word that means stone crushing.
ESWL is the treatment of choice for the people whose kidney stones are smaller than 3 cm. People that may not be able to tolerate open surgery. This technique is used for removing kidney stones of such People who have health problems like diabetes,breathing abnormalities, heart diseases and hypertension. Two techniques are existing in this ESWL with two types of shock wave. Firstly, you can sit in a pot of water with one machine. Secondly, a stretch out on a table with mainly latest machines. X-ray images are used by the physician to direct the sound waves to the stone.

After that, the tunnel surgery is the next option for removing kidney stones. In medical terms, it is called as percutaneous nephrolithotomy. A small scratch is made by the doctor into the backside of the patient. Then, he makes a slim tunnel through the skin to the stone within the kidney. The doctor uses a special instrument, which goes through that tunnel or burrow. Finally, doctor finds the stone and gets rid of this kidney stone.
The next technique for removing kidney stones is called as ureteroscopy that looks like a long wire. In this technique, a wire is inserted in the urethra where the stone is to be found. This technique has built-in camera, which makes possible for the doctor to view the pictures of the kidney stones and finally a cage is used for removing the kidney stones.

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