Romantic Meals

You are being given a choice for a nice romantic meal out with your partner/spouse.

1) You can go to a fast food restaurant and eat whatever you want. Write in your journal how you feel afterwards and how long before you are hungry again.

2) You can go out for nice quiet romantic restaurant where you have a leisurely meal, candles, music and husband or friend.
Write in your journal how you feel after this and how soon are you hungry.

You are not allowed to choose on the basis of calories or fat. Imagine you have no weight issues and you can eat what you like without suffering any side effects. Also forget for the moment the finances involved because this is a one off meal just once a year for a special occasion if you can’t afford it. The day will come when you have to make these sorts of choices and weight won’t be a problem.

Very few if any would chose the fast food restaurant as their first choice for a romantic meal.

Now I want you to think about how you eat at home.

Do you go for the fast food thinking? Eat as quickly as possible, TV dinners on your lap or a slow meal at the table. You know how much better you feel when you have that nice meal in a restaurant, how special you feel.

Think how the family would feel when the same effort is made at home. The table laid and a nice meal with everybody sitting around. They will also feel special. I know some will have people at home who want to eat bad foods and not sit at the table, please don’t feel condemned by what I am writing here, but it might help to see what they are thinking.

Imagine what the family will think if you take the time to make them feel special with a lovely meal. It may be the same meal you would have cooked anyway, but the message you are giving them is I want to spend time with you because you are special to me. If you believe that you are special and deserve to be treated so then you will want to pass it on to the next generation.

Imagine that you have a teenage daughter who is going on her first date. She is excited and spends hours getting ready. She has been told she is going for a romantic meal. She leaves and then she arrives home after the date, hurt and in tears, because this romantic meal ended up at a fast food joint. How is she feeling? Sad, upset, in tears, saying she never wants to see the lad again. Why? Because he hasn’t treated her the way she thought she should have been treated. If she knew that was where they were going, she wouldn’t have spent hours getting ready, but thrown on a t-shirt and jeans.

Do you see the point we all want to be treated as if we are special, because we are special.

So tonight take the time to make that extra effort with dinner, around the table with conversation. Everybody will feel a lot better. If you have children get them to lay the table, they will have fun doing it, even if they don’t get it right. Stay calm and enjoy the fun.
Today you can make the choice to make a good change for the whole family.


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