Simple Hand Remedies for Arthritis

Throughout the years, there have been a mixture of remedies for so many different medical issues that people will have.  It’s part of the that beautiful, natural healing experience. 

When it comes to people who suffer with arthritis, there are so many different remedies that a person can engage in. You wouldn’t think that specific hand remedies would work for people which suffer with arthritis, but they can, and we are actually going to be going over some of those amazing hand remedies today.  When it comes to finding simple hand remedies to sooth the irritating pains of arthritis, the possibilities are endless. 

Their are two important components before starting any new exercise routine. The first is to consult your doctor. The second is to manage any potential inflammation and pain. Inflammation is a sign of potential damage to your body.

A natural remedy many are using to reduce inflammation and pain due to arthritis is cherry juice. This Michigan-grown fruit contains natural anti-inflammatory phytonutrients call anthocyanins. This compound helps to reduce inflammation naturally. Consider adding some cherry juice to your daily diet while you use these simple hand remedies for arthritis

Making A Fist

This will work wonders when it comes to soothing the pains of arthritis!  All that you need to do is make a fist and extend your hand out.  In and out is all that you will be doing with your hand and it would be best if you could take it slow to really feel and undergo the strength of your own hand.  How would making a fist help to ease the pains of arthritis? 

Well, keep in mind that the constant movement of your joints will help to lessen the inflammation, as well the swelling that arthritis can cause.  What you will need to do is start by keeping the fingers straight, simply curve your hand to form a fist.  It’s literally simple as that!  The key factor is to keep your joints always moving and strong.

Finger Bends

Individual finger bends are great for people which suffer from arthritis because once again, this initiates your joints to move and become quite stronger.  What you will need to do is take each individual finger and bend it toward the palm of your hand, slowly and make sure that you feel the strength in your hand extend. 

By doing finger bend, this will help to take the severity of your arthritis away and keep your joints stronger.  You wouldn’t think by doing something so simple would work to ease arthritis, but it absolutely will!

Making An O

This may sound strange to a lot of people, but it’s important that you use your hand to make the letter, O.  You will need to bring your fingers in to form the O and what can this do for your arthritis?  Well, it will help to keep the swelling, as well the inflammation down in your hands. 

That will help in everyday life as well because you will be able to pick things up a lot better and function around your home in better and improved fashions.  You will need to hold the O appearance for only a few seconds, no more than one minute. 

Table Bend

What you will do in order to perform the table bend is place your pinky side edge from your left hand upon a flat surface, like a table.  Keep the thumb pointing upward to the sky.  Now, as you begin to hold your thumb within the identical location, you will then need to bend all your other fingers inner till your whole hand fashions the shape of an L. 

Once again, you will to hold this position for a few of seconds, then repeat the whole process at least ten times.  By doing this hand remedy, you will begin to notice that the strength will slowly begin to return to your hand, as well various forms of swelling and inflammation will tend to go down, too.

Finger Lift

This is quite popular with a lot of people which suffer from hand arthritis and that is the finger lift.  All that you need to do in order to complete this hand remedy is start by placing your hand down surface level on a counter or other flat surface and beginning with the thumb, lift your finger sluggishly off from the counter and place right back down. 

You will need to hold each individual finger for about one to three seconds and bring it right back down again.  This will once again, help to restore the strength, as well reduction of the swelling and inflammation in your hand.        

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