Skin Problems and Arthritis

There are so many different forms of skin issues that a person can have and if you suffer with arthritis, skin issues can become quite worse with the condition.  When a person has arthritis, it’s no joke or lie that their lives change and for some people, it’s not for the better if they don’t know how to properly take care of themselves. 

There are thousands of skin conditions out there and if you are one to suffer with arthritis, you know that the pain, as well the struggle can be oh so real.  Today, we are going to be taking a quick look into some of the most common skin issues if you suffer with arthritis.

When Wounds Don’t Heal

This is a very common issue for people that suffer with arthritis because of the infection that they have in their bodies.  Sometimes, a wound will go for months and not heal because of the built-up infection in that person’s body. 

So, if you have arthritis, please be careful and try not to accidentally cut yourself because the open wound could very well lead to more infections later on down the road.

Very Sensitive to The Sun

This is another skin condition that people which suffer from arthritis deal with.  Their skin is very sensitive to the sun’s rays, which to a lot of people, this sounds quite horrible because who doesn’t love the sun, right?  Why would this happen to people which suffer with arthritis?  Keep in mind that the reason isn’t necessarily the condition of arthritis itself, but certain medications that a person has to be on because of the arthritis. 

A lot of anti-inflammatory medications make people’s skin very sensitive to the sun’s rays, so it’s important to not get out in the sun as much as you would if you are taking anti-inflammatory medications and if you have to be out in the sun, make sure you apply sunscreen at SPF 100 and no less than that.  You are going to need all the protection from the sun as possible.

Many are turning to natural anti-inflammatory remedies including tart cherry juice. Michigan-grown cherries contain naturally occurring anthocyanins. This helps to reduce inflammation naturally.

Discolored Cold Fingers or Toes

This is another common skin condition when it comes to dealing with the condition of arthritis.  Why would a person’s toes or fingers become cold or even discolored?  Well, you have to keep in mind that this will happen because of the infection inside that joint or muscle and as it grows weaker, the strength of that finger or toe begins to diminish over time. 

That’s why it’s so important that when a person has arthritis, they keep it moving with exercise and various forms of physical activity in order to keep the severity of their condition under control.  It’s almost like saying that the finger or toe is dead when arthritis sits in deeply, which will cause your fingers or toes to feel quite cold because the joint is dead from the inside out.

Dealing with Sores and Purple Spots

This just goes hand in hand if you suffer with arthritis.  Sometimes a condition called vasculitis will set in and this is when the inflammation of one’s blood vessels sets in.  This will cause wearying, even thickening, as well blemishing of a person’s vessel walls. 

This will ultimately result in the initial damage to the organs in a person’s body that those vessels will supply.  Arthritis is definitely a condition to never take lightly.  There are many different forms of vasculitis, but most of the forms will result in rheumatoid illnesses.

Dealing with Infrequent Bruising

Once again, this is another very common skin condition of sufferers with arthritis.  Keep in mind that if you bump into a cabinet or any other item that can cause a small bruise with most everyone, but if you have arthritis and are on any type of anti-inflammatory medications, your bruising will tend to be much worse because of how the anti-inflammatory medications affect the bloodstream in a person’s system. 

You must also remember that when you have arthritis, you are carrying around an infection in your joints and muscles and that will as well, trickle down to how your skin reacts to this condition.  Your body sees arthritis as kind of like a joint death and a lot of the times, your skin will bruise and change colors because of the weakening and inflammation of the joints and muscles. 

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