Stop Over-Eating

Over-eating can be a hard habit to get rid of. Once you become aware of the problem you will also see that you cannot avoid food. People who are addicted to food will still need food to survive, unlike an alcoholic who will be able to live without another drink. You will not be able to live without eating another meal.

Everywhere you look there are places which will be tempting you to eat more and more. At home you will have cupboards, fridges, freezers all full of food. Outside of the home there will be restaurants, cafes, pubs and lots of other shops selling food all crying your name or so you think.

For the majority of people who over-eat there is a food or foods that cause them to start to eat and not want to stop. You need to identify those foods which start you on the road to over-eating. Make a list of everything you are eating. Now look and see if you can find a trend, maybe you see yourself eating a number of donuts each day, or lots of packages of chips.

Once you have found your trigger food, or you might find it is anything that is sweet or savory which causes you to binge. Next time you are tempted to eat those foods, try and do something else for a short time. Go take a walk, get involved in a hobby anything to take your mind off food. If you were not hungry then the desire for eating should ease. If you are still hungry after 30 minutes then eat a small portion of something healthy.

You will need to eat only when you are hungry. If you still have to eat then try eating some raw vegetables or fruit depending on your cravings.

When people overeat often they are addicted to food and they need to see that addiction broken. Because you can’t stop eating food you will need to look at why you overeat and what step you can take to see that overeating changed.



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