Stress management with music

From adults to children the level of stress in our society seems to rising each year. Children are faced with changes in relationships, school issues, parental discord, parental discipline, and hormones. Adults face relationship issues with friends, relatives, spouses, bosses and job stress, life challenges, and health concerns.

Stress is unavoidable no matter what your station in life, age, sex, job or socioeconomic status. The good news is that you can manage your stress with some beneficial techniques that can be low to no cost depending upon your choices. Stress management with music is one of those choices. No matter what your choice the goal is to use a stress management reduction technique(s) to decrease your risk potential for heart disease, stroke and immune mediated illnesses.

Some people have found a secret in stress management with music. It has said that music has ‘charms to soothe the savage beast’. And in fact, researchers have found that certain types of music will actually decrease stress levels and increase concentration in students. Many teens already use music in their daily lives. Scientists have found that soothing music will calm teens while hard, head-banging rock or rap music will actually start violent behavior and escalate anger.

When you use the right music then stress management with music has some great benefits. You can listen anywhere – running, in the shower, at work or in the car. It’s low or no cost since you can listen to the radio or your choice of stations online. And you have your choice of artists and music types to fit your likes and dislikes.

Stress management with music also helps you to use other stress management techniques such as breathing deeply and slowly. Or you can take your music with you when you leave the stressful situation and go for a brisk walk outside. Many people meditate or do yoga /exercise with music. Music can help to change your attitude and give you a more upbeat outlook for the day while melting away your stress.

Stress management with music also gives you a good release valve that is useful during all times of the day – that can be done privately or publicly. There are even music therapists who can help you determine the best way for you to improve your mental functioning and help you to feel calm and relaxed.

Listening to music that has affirming lyrics will feed your brain positive thoughts and images. This makes stress management with music twice as successful as when you use music that has negative messages. When you surround yourself with positive energy you decrease your stress levels and therefore the amount of stress hormone that is released, ready to do damage.


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