Learn Which Super Foods Fight Inflammation

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Our bodies are designed to protect themselves. This is a wonderful process that keeps us healthy but there are times when it does more harm than good.  This is so in the case of extreme inflammation.

An inflammation results when our body begins to fight or get rid of any stimuli it deems harmful. Harmful stimuli could be pathogens or even cells from our own bodies that have been damaged.

Once the harmful stimuli is removed, the body can now begin to heal itself.  This process has its benefits since it ensures that our wounds heal quickly but if it occurs for a prolonged period, can cause us to develop dangerous diseases like hay fever, arthritis or even cancer.

Unfortunately, the world around us has deteriorated so much that just about everything can cause us to develop dangerous inflammation. The air we breathe contains harmful toxins and pathogens. Our water is often contaminated with heavy metals and bacteria. Plus, even the very food we eat can end up making us sick.

Genetically modified foods and harmful fertilizers have been the cause of many recent deaths. But thankfully, all is not lost. Much scientific research has been done to identify foods that are so nutrient dense, that they help to protect our bodies from developing serious inflammations. These foods have been labelled ‘Superfoods’ and health enthusiasts like myself are all on board with the idea. Check out the FREE downloadable book: Inflammation, Your Diet and You

Superfoods are Mother Nature’s way of taking care of us.

Many of them are also quite affordable. This is a much better option than expensive gluten free or barely organic alternatives that promise similar health benefits. Not only do these Superfoods help prevent inflammation and the related diseases, but they also provide a host of other medicinal benefits.

Here is a list of top 6 most popular Superfoods from around the world and how they help us stay healthy:

Ginger –

Ginger has been used for centuries as a remedy for digestive problems. Ginger has also been used to cure bacterial, fungal and a host of other infections. The beauty of this Superfood is that it is quite easy to incorporate it into your diet. You can use ginger to make tea or to spice up your meals. Ginger is not only readily available in most stores but it is also quite easy to grow in your vegetable garden.

Honey –

Honey packs a powerful punch because it is rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients.   Honey has been used to treat more ailments than I care to list. In addition to being used to treat diabetes, coughs, wounds, colds, infections, allergies and a host of other ailments, honey also energizes our bodies. But please be very careful when purchasing honey. Fake honey which has been mixed with syrup or watered down has glutted the market and it goes without saying that these imitations cannot be good for your health.

Tart Cherries –

The reputation of red cherries precedes them to fight inflammation and joint pain. Thanks to the presence of anthocyanins and other powerful flavonoids is the secret to the pain relieving properties of red cherries. Cherries are available in many forms including cherry juice, dried cherries and tart cherry capsules.

Wild Blueberries –

Numerous studies conducted on blueberries point to interesting results. A study from a USDA research showed a diet rich in blueberry extract helped to the brain to maintain healthy brain function and healthy short-term memory. Organic Wild Blueberry Powder is a convenient way to get the benefits of wild blueberries.

In addition, a 2004 USDA published reports that indicated Wild Blueberries ranked #1 in antioxidant capacity when compared to 20 other fruits. As stated previously, antioxidants assist the body to fight free radicals. So fighting free radicals in the brain is vital, since is the brain accounts for about 2% of total body weight, yet it represents approximately 20% of oxygen consumption of the body. The consumption of blueberries can help the brain maintain healthy brain function.*


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Quinoa –

With the recent increase in instances of people consuming plastic rice, Quinoa has become popular as a healthy rice alternative. Not only is it relatively easy to cook but it also can be combined with just about any protein. Be warned, you may need to add some extra spice to appreciate the flavour but you will acquire the taste soon enough. This Superfood is rich in iron, B vitamins and even protein.  It may cost a little more than rice, but it is well worth the price.

Kale –

Even if you have been living under a rock, you would have seen how popular Kale has become. This Superfood is now readily available just about everywhere! Kale is so rich in nutrients and fiber, that it can be used to detox our bodies. Medical experts have even identified a direct link between Kale and cancer prevention.

Superfoods are becoming more popular each day. The diseases caused by inflammation are also becoming far too common for you not to take notice. I strongly encourage you to start incorporating these nutrient powerhouses into your diet right away.

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