Taking care of Acne

A large part of looking and feeling beautiful every day is the self-confidence you feel when you look in the mirror. Your face is the first thing that people notice about you. It is what forms the first impression within the first seconds of meeting you. And, when your face is full of acne or pock marks it negatively affects your self-confidence, personal style and ability to interact with others well.

Learning how to perform basic skin care when you suffer from active acne can also help you to decrease outbreaks and improve your self-confidence. Individuals who suffer from acne should make it a habit of cleaning their face at least twice a day with a mild cleanser. Using a cleanser in the morning helps to remove dead skin cells which accumulate during the night hours. Cleansing your face in the evening helps to remove both oil and environmental toxins and waste products which build up on the skin.

You should also clean your skin after any heavy exercising. Your face should be washed from hair line past the jaw and down the neck line. Make sure that the skin is thoroughly rinsed after cleansing. Talk to a dermatologist, healthcare specialist or skincare specialist about the proper skincare products that you may use for your individual needs.

However, it can be said that strong soaps and rough scrub pads should be avoided at all costs! These particular products make skin conditions worse. Similarly, astringents will also make skin worse. Following cleansing you should use a pH balanced skin toner to thoroughly cleansed the skin, remove the remaining toxins, waste products and make up as well as prepare the skin for the final step.

Individuals who suffer from skin breakouts should not neglect using a moisturizer. This is the third and final step in keeping your face clean and prepared. The key factor in decreasing premature aging of the skin is the use of moisture. While large amounts of oil on the skin, coupled with bacteria can lead to pimples, this does not negate the need of the skin for moisture. A good moisturizer will not promote pimples and will be absorbed readily into the skin.

Any treatments which may be used for acne should be applied after the toner and before the moisturizer in order to get the best benefit. Some individuals benefit most from facial masks while others find that spot treatments give the most positive results.

Another key factor to keeping acne from spreading is to keep your hands off your face. To not touch or rub the lesions because they are filled with bacteria and you are only spreading bacteria to other areas of the face. Squeezing pimples will only produce scars and dark blotches over the face.

Men who suffer from acne should be careful about the razor that they choose. Some find that electric razors are more comfortable while others prefer safety razors. Always be sure that the blades are sharp for an effective shave without damage to the skin. Soften the beard with plenty of soap and water before applying shaving cream and shaved carefully, and only when absolutely necessary.

Some medicines which are prescribed for acne make the skin more sensitive to the sun. However, the sun is also a wonderful way for the body to manufacture vitamin D and more fully utilize vitamins C, both important in the regeneration of skin cells.

Both men and women who have issues with pimples must be careful about the products they choose to put on their skin. Find a good facial moisturizer that contains sunscreen so another product must not be used. Always choose cosmetic products that are noncomedogenic, which means they do not clog the pores.

If, after using good cleansing, appropriate nutrition and adequate cosmetics, you are on able to clear your skin adequately you may want to seek the advice of your primary care physician or dermatologist. These healthcare providers will be able to assist you in choosing and over-the-counter or prescription medication that can help clear your acne and offer you the opportunity to put your best foot forward at every single day.

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