Tart cherry juice Good for Inflammation

The Montmorency tart cherry has been known to reduce information. Cherry juice, made from tart cherries is an excellent choice to enjoy the inflammation reducing benefits of this ruby red fruit.

Published research indicates the tart cherry may help to reduce inflammation due to arthritis, gout and other regular daily activities. In addition to reducing joint pain, tart cherry juice is good for inflammation reduction, too.

An article in the October 2018 issue of Food and Function indicated a diet rich in cherries, may reduce inflammation in the muscles and joints. The article further mentioned a clinical study that included 10 participants. These included 8 females and 2 male participants. During the research period, the group was divided into two groups of 5 each. One group was given a placebo, with the other was given 8 ounces of tart cherry juice daily.

Once the 4-week period was completed, the researchers reviewed the results. The data suggested the group that drank the cherry juice daily enjoyed reduced biomarkers of inflammation. This is great news for those looking to reduce inflammation naturally.

About the Montmorency Tart Cherry

The State of Michigan grows over 65% of all tart cherries in the United States. This region of Northwestern lower Michigan is known as the “Cherry Capital of the World”. The fresh tart cherry is a very perishable fruit that is only available during the short 4-week harvest in the month of July.

Once the cherries are harvested, a small portion of the crop is sold as fresh fruit a local farmers markets, while the remaining is shipped to processing facility. Once at the facilities, the cherries are used to produce other cherry products including:

About the Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate

Tart cherry juice is good for inflammation reduction. As indicated above, the cherry juice can help to reduce inflammation biomarkers in the body. In fact, it takes the juice of approximately 100 cherries to make just one ounce of the cherry juice concentrate.

About Tart Cherry Powder

The cherry powder is produced using low temperature and low pressure. The entire cherry is used to produce the cherry powder. These means individuals enjoy the skin, pulp and juice of the fruit with each serving of the cherry powder. Cherry powder is usually available in pouches. Individuals simply scoop powder from the pouch into a morning smoothie or yogurt.

About Tart Cherry Capsules

The tart capsules utilize the cherry powder and encapsules the powder into an easy-to-swallow vegan-friendly capsule. Each capsule delivers 600 milligrams of cherry powder per capsules. A two-capsule daily serving would provide 1200mg of tart cherry powder. The capsules are popular for those traveling and want an easy-to-use way to enjoy the inflammation benefits of tart cherries.

About IQF Cherries

Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) Cherries are bagged into one or three-pound bags and sold in the frozen section of your local grocery store. These are an excellent choice for smoothies or simply snacking.

Cherry Pie Filling

This filling can be used to make any sort of recipes that called for tart cherries as an ingredient. This includes cherry pies, cherry scones, cherry bakes and more.

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