Tart Cherry Juice Helps Fight Insomina

Did you know the cherry flavoring ranks at the top of the list for the favorite taste for the majority of people? Maybe this is why countless chefs include this popular fruit in a number of dishes like pies, sauces, mixed cocktails, preserves and soups. But did you know this ruby red fruit offers more than simply taste? That’ right, tart cherries can now help you to fight insomnia and help you to get a more restful night’s rest.

What is the Tart Cherry?

There are two types of cherries available. They are the sweet cherry and the tart cherry. The sweet cherry is the larger of the two with a slightly purplish hue. This is the type you usually purchase from your local farmers market or grocery store during the summer cherry harvest. They are higher in sugar content when compared to the tart cherry, that is why they are used from snacking.

The Montmorency tart cherry is the other variety. However, unlike the sweet cherry, the tart cherry, is used for baking and recipes. The reason is the tart variety offers less natural sugar so it ideal for recipes. In addition, the tart cherry is most commonly used for making fruitceutical-type of products including tart cherry juice concentrate and tart cherry powder. The cherry powder is used as the main ingredient for tart cherry capsules.

Natural Home Remedy or Prescription Drugs…It’s Your Choice

According to the National Sleep Foundation, nearly 25% of people have trouble getting the sleep they need to function at the optimal level. Unfortunately, to satisfy the need for a healthy night’s sleep, many have turned to prescription medications. This means nearly 60 million prescriptions were written just last year for red-eyed, sleepless individuals, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Fortunately, there is another choice…a natural choice.

Tart Cherry, Melatonin and Sleep…The Perfect Combination

If you’re looking for a natural home remedy to help fight insomnia, look no further than this Michigan-grown red fruit. Natural sleep remedies range from Lavender, Passion Flower, Glycine, walnuts and tart cherries. While all have published research on the helping insomnia sufferers tart cherry is fast becoming the first choice for a healthy night’s sleep. The reason is recently published research suggests provides solid evidence tart cherry juice offers an great way to enjoy a solid and restful night’s sleep.

Learn about Melatonin levels in Cherries

A study published in the European Journal of Medicine indicates tart cherry juice may help to improve your sleep duration and the overall quality of your sleep. The researchers reported those how drank tart cherry juice every day enjoyed an increase of 39 minutes of quality sleep duration. The study was conducted on 20 individuals over a 7-day period.

The participants were divided into two groups. One group was given a tart cherry juice blend daily, while the other was given at cherry-flavored placebo. Each night, the researchers recorded the sleeping habits of the participants and found those who received the cherry juice slept longer, napped less and enjoy a more restful night’s sleep.

Why Tart Cherry Juice Works Wonders

The reason tart cherries works so well for insomnia sufferers is this tiny red fruit is nature’s #1 source of naturally occurring melatonin. At the University of Texas – San Antonio, tart cherries were put under the microscope, literally. According to a five-month study conducted by Dr. Russill Rieter,  professor of neuroendocrinology at The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, indicated tart cherries offer a combination of powerful antioxidants to help sleep.

If you suffer from insomnia and looking for a more restful night’s rest and a higher quality of sleep add some 100% pure tart cherry juice daily.


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