The forgotten art of exercise for children

In the past generations exercise was very important. People would have to walk and there would be time given during the school day for exercise. We learnt different sports some of which we came to hate as well as love others. It was quite normal to see a group of children in the street playing games and running around. Life has changed in that in many areas children are not safe to run around the way they were a generation ago. Children have not been encouraged to exercise and it is becoming a lost art.
Children want to sit in front of the television or play computer games. They don’t want to do any exercise, and often don’t want the company of other people including their own family.
Exercise is an essential part of life and one children need to learn. Parents need to start to teach their children the importance of exercise and play. Sometimes adults will use the wrong term and this will get the child to react against the idea of playing.
Is there a sport that the whole family can participate in? Maybe the adults are involved in golf, now would be a good time to teach your children. What about soccer, go to any third world country with a soccer ball and throw it on the ground. Immediately you will have children coming and having a great time. It doesn’t matter to them what the rules are, how many should be on the team. As long as one person is the goalie, then the rest will battle it out running to be the person who can get the ball and score the goal.
Another sport that all the family can take part in is swimming. Can your child swim, if not then they will need to learn. Go to the pool together and make sure that you all spend time swimming not standing around, as that won’t achieve anything.
As a parent you have the responsibility to teach your children. You can make sure that exercise for your children will not become a forgotten art, but something they can pass onto the next generation.

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