The Types of Over the Counter Gout Medication

Gout is a known form of metabolic arthritis, which is quite famous among the many types of arthritis, because it is simply one painful condition to have. When talking about gout, the involvement of uric acid crystals, or uric acid deposits, stand to be a prevalent entity, depositing in the articular joints, tendons and the tissues surrounding these areas of the human anatomy. Gout is one condition which merits no joking matter points at all, as it is quite serious as serious could get.

The more traditional of symptoms when talking about gout involves; pain in the joints, as well as intense swelling of the skin, covering the affected gout areas. Some cases of gout entails the rather extreme growth of the uric acid crystals, that the deposits themselves grow in size, bursting out of the skin, creating sinuses, excreting a white chalk-like material. Some cases of gout are so intensely painful, that something as “trivial” as a very light blanket covering a “tender” area could equal to a world of pain already for a gout patient. Gout attacks, as they are termed to be, could happen between a few minutes, with some cases lasting for hours, with extreme cases lasting even for days.

When talking about gout medication, there are a number of over the counter gout medication which gout patients have access to. Some of these though would have to be administered by authorized personnel, but basically over the counter gout medication is available.
When talking about over the counter gout medication, the often first line of over the counter gout medication inquiries would involve those of pain relief, as, again, gout is simply one painful disease to have. The choice of drugs, or over the counter gout medication, lies within options between Indomethacin, Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs or NSAID, or Intra-Articular Glucocorticoids. These “over the counter gout medication” options are administered through a joint injection.
Colchicine stands to be one of the most popular of over the counter gout medication drugs, as it impairs the motility of granulocytes. The over the counter gout medication can prevent the inflammatory phenomena, alleviating the pain gout patients experience. One thing worth noting about this over the counter gout medication option though, is that there are side effects to it, which includes diarrhea and nausea.
Between this over the counter gout medication and NSAID, NSAIDs stand to be the more preferred form of gout medication.

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