Two of the More Popular of Gout Remedies

Gout is quite a condition ailing many in the world today. At its most base gout is a form of arthritis known as metabolic arthritis. It is caused by a congenital condition of uric acid metabolism. As a disease, gout involves the building up, or depositing, of uric acid crystals or monosodium urate in the articular cartilage of joints, tendons and the tissues surround such areas in that portion of the human anatomy.

As such, a gout condition is one that is extremely painful, with some cases having “gout attacks” lasting for hours, while rather acute gout cases having gout attacks lasting for days, even. Sudden, burning and intense pain, are among the most prevalent of gout conditions, along with other gout symptoms including, tenderness and sensitivity of the skin on the affected areas, as well as fissures, made due to the bursting out of growing uric acid crystals. The sensitivity and tenderness severity of a gout condition could go as far as gout patients experiencing excruciating pain over a really light blanket put over the affected area or areas. The white chalk-like discharge, coming from uric acid crystals which have simply grown in size are also known to be rather painful, along with the already prevailing pain in the joints experienced by gout patients.

There are actually home based gout remedies, which are known to actually benefit gout patients in dealing with the disease. Here are Charcoal, Cherries, and Charcoal Bath of popular gout remedies which gout patients could easily do in the convenience and privacy of their own homes.

The Charcoal Solution

As charcoal is known to attract toxins, many gout patients see the benefits from this class of gout remedies. Basically, the Charcoal Solution in gout remedies entails the wiping of a charcoal mix over a gout patient’s affected area. The mix is typically made of half a cup of powered activated charcoal mixed with a tablespoon flaxseed, and then mixed with warm water, making a pasty substance. 

Gout patients would then apply this pasty substance, which is basically one of the more popular of gout remedies which one could easily do at home.

The Cherry Solution

One thing worth noting about the Cherry Solution of gout remedies is the fact that though there is no scientific proof to back up the claims that it really works, many gout patients have seen that eating cherries actually helps in controlling the disease. 

Bottom line, it works as many gout remedies do.

So there you have it. Two of the most popular gout remedies which gout patients could easily apply, alleviating the pangs that come with a gout condition.
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