Two Types Of Diet Only

I am going to say it again “There are only two types of diet”. Many people out there are devising new diet plans and they will happily sell it to you. You may think that buying the book and putting it on your bookshelf, or eating the book will mean that you lose weight but you are wrong. To lose weight you need discipline and exercise. So you discipline what you eat and you move the couch potato off the couch. I do not care if you go to a gym or exercise at home but move your body. Your body reacts very badly when the only exercise you get is changing channel on the TV using the remote control and driving the car, especially when you are eating too much.

What about all the different diets that you and others spend millions of pounds on every your? Look at the list. Tick off those that you have bought and when you finished the diet or quit you quickly put on those pounds again.

It might surprise you to read to know there are only two diets in the world. Now I am sure some of you will say that isn’t a true statement because I can name more than two diets.

To save you trying to name them all I will list some of them here for you. This is a list of some well known diets that are around. It isn’t a complete list as I am sure you could keep adding to the list yourself.

* Atkins Diet
* South Beach Diet
* G.I Diet
* Mediterranean Diet
* Weight Watchers
* Slim Fast Diet
* Jenny Craig
* Blood Group Diet
* Negative Diet
* Cabbage Soup Diet
* Grapefruit Diet

All of the above diets and other diets that you many of you have tried over the years are exactly the same. Now I know some will say, “Hold it there!” there is nothing similar between Atkins and Weight Watchers. Well, in one sense you are correct but in another they are the same.

But the reasons they are all is the same is that they are about weight loss. That is the main focus of them and people gauge how successful they are in terms of pounds lost.

The majority of people who join these plans may have a certain amount of success in losing weight depending on how committed they are to the plan, but in the long run most will regain the weight and many will gain even more weight weighing heavier than they had been before.

The main problem with all of these plans is they don’t work long term, if they did then people would lose weight and remain at that weight without the yo-yo of losing weight, gaining weight that plagues so many people.

How many gain weight over holidays because they ignored their diet, as they are unable to eat the same foods over and over again.

Have you ever been to an online diet site? If you have then you will understand what I am saying. I for one know there are some excellent diet sites online, and some diet plans are better than others. But you only have to go to a diet forum where people report their weekly or daily weight loss/gains.

Peoples’ moods change depending on what the scale tells them. So many will say I only lost 0.04 lbs this week. I only lost 2 lbs. They get depressed because of the figure on the scale and even more depressed when they get on the scale to find, horror of horrors they have gain even 0.5 lbs during the week. They find that over time they are losing and gaining the same few pounds which means the overall balance of weight loss is negated.

The same people struggle to keep off pizza, chocolate, cookies, soda and so many other foods. However hard they try, there will come a day when they will eat what their plan tells them is a bad food. Then they feel a failure and it is almost always at that point they give up.

One slice of pizza or even a whole pizza shouldn’t make you give up. It should make you take notice at what you have done and you should be asking what lessons can I learn from this? But give up and yes you are a failure.

Why is eating pizza bad for you? Who decided that was the case? Why is chocolate bad for you? Again who decided that was the case? The diet industry changes and new diets are introduced. They are different in what are seen as good and bad foods but they are all the same in that the focus is about weight loss.

How long do people manage to follow these plans? That depends on the person but I know people who have spent the last 20 + years following a plan and still have over 100 lbs to lose. Does that tell you something?

And look on these same diet forums at the occasional person who has been successful and kept the weight off for 2 years. Wow! They are treated with so much respect and can almost become a god on some sites. People hero worship them because of the success they see.

Yes they deserve respect and they have worked hard, but what about the future? Two years isn’t what it is all about. Now some of you might say, I would love to lose my excess weight and keep it off for 2 years. But I would ask “what then?” Have you learnt enough to know it is something you maintain for the rest of your life?

What is the other type of diet; I am sure you are asking? The other doesn’t focus on weight loss. If you are overweight you are more than likely to lose weight but the focus is on diet for health. It is about education, about nutrition, about making good choices which you can do for the rest of your life.

The diet for health will show you how to be healthy. It won’t tell you not to eat any food but to balance what you eat. If you want pizza then go ahead but not a whole one everyday of the week. It will teach you how to make a pizza which has less fat and calories. It will show you how to eat foods regardless of where you are. It is all about lifestyle changes and how to know what to eat and when to eat for the rest of your life.

I would imagine most of you have been on a diet for weight loss. Many of you might not remember a day when you were not on a diet. If you have been on such a diet for 5 years or more, and you have followed the plan to the letter, then let me ask you a question. Why are you still overweight? Why didn’t it work? In 5 years you should have lost your excess weight? Something is wrong. And you need to work out what is wrong.

Is it time to move from a diet for weight loss where your success is measured by the amount the scale shows each week? Is it worth keeping on trying to lose the same few pounds that you have for the past few years? Is it time to move to a diet for health?

Finally it is time for you to make a decision.

Will you remain on a diet for weight loss? Will you continue to be depressed by the gain of a pound? Will you continue to be bound to your scale and losing and gaining the same few pounds?

Or will you start on a diet for health? It will be hard work and you will be looking at areas that you won’t want to look at?

Neither type of diet will make you lose weight. You are the only one who can do that. Both diets will give you information. Whether that is a diet plan which shows you what you can and can’t eat. Or a diet plan that teaches you about health, nutrition and fitness.

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