Vegetarian weight loss

Obesity is a growing problem. Two thirds of Americans are overweight. More and more people are searching for natural weight loss options and vegetarian weight loss programs fit that bill.

The commercial market is overflowing with a large number of diet supplements and weight loss options. But natural options are the safest way to shed pounds. Dieticians and nutritionists recommend natural weight loss diets to people who are health conscious. This is because natural options do not advocate the use of chemicals or supplements to speed metabolism or reduce your appetite. They rely on natural products, such as fiber, to do the same things.

People who follow a diet of raw fruits and vegetables for weight loss are less prone to heart disease, stroke and cancer. Vegetarian weight loss programs can be structured using a point system so that vegetables are a “0”, fruits are between 1-3 points and nuts and seeds rank higher because they are higher in calories and fats.

The desire for a lean healthy body must include regular intake of water, the right foods and regular exercise. Like in any other program large helpings of high-fat protein sources such as peanut butter, nuts and cheese can cause vegetarians to gain weight.

Instead of using peanut butter or nuts as snacks, use whole grain snacks, fruit and vegetables during the day. Using a vegetarian weight loss program does not ensure automatic weight loss. Keep a written record of everything you eat during the day to keep a handle on your eating habits. Keep watch on everything that isn’t raw fruit and vegetables.

Plan your meal choices during the day since last minute choices are usually higher in calories. Those chips, cookies, power bars and candy, although meatless, are higher in calories, sugar and fats. Use a daily multi-vitamin to fill in the gaps.

There are convenience foods sold in the grocery store that fit a vegetarian weight loss program. Check out the health food store and watch the calories, sugars, fats and oils in the products. Do not resort to junk foods. When all else fails apples and bananas are convenient, filling and full of good nutrition.

You can also put together pre-made bags of your own trail mix. Include almonds, raisons, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds for a healthy nutritious snack. Try to eat only raw and organic nuts and seeds for the best flavor and fuel.

Preparation of your vegetarian weight loss program can be just as important as the foods you eat. Grocers now carry vegetarian burgers that can be microwaved as opposed to fried. Frying foods is just as dangerous as eating meats because of the increased animal fats and the processing that vegetable oils and lard go through to make them palatable. Try to eat as much raw foods as possible to help your digestive system.

Vegetarian weight loss is a healthy and natural weight loss option to add to your weight loss arsenal. Done right you’ll see some fast weight loss initially and you’ll feel better and have more energy.
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