Weight Loss Clinics

Obesity is an ever-expanding problem in Western society. The standard Western diet consists of too much protein, fats and sugars and not enough fresh fruits and vegetables. Although we eat poorly, most also understand that in order to lose weight effectively and keep it off for life they must use healthy methods. Healthy lifestyle choices include burning calories through exercise programs, drinking sufficient amount of water and getting adequate rest.

Weight loss clinics are a tremendous experience for people who want to have a relaxing holiday and learn healthy eating and exercise patterns at the same time. These clinics often focus on physical health and education around eating habits and making life long healthy changes.

When people arrive at a weight loss clinic they will undergo an evaluation with a counselor who assesses their previous eating and exercise habits and looks at the necessary measures that should be taken. The counselor will take the client’s family history, body type and other medical issues into account as well as help the client to establish reasonable goals to decrease the possibility of failure.

The goal of the clinic is to achieve permanent weight loss through education and helping the individual to make good choices. The goal is not to effect massive weight loss in just 3 days. Some weight loss clinics also offer follow up after the client is discharged, using online forums and chats for client to client support. The clinics are different from other diets and programs because they don’t use fad or trendy eating or exercise to achieve permanent weight loss. Instead, clinics are focused on helping you to make healthy lifestyle choices.

While at the weight loss clinic the client is offered nutrition classes where they learn about the role food and exercise plays in their weight loss efforts. These classes can cover the relationship between calories and weight gain, portions, and how to incorporate foods that are healthy into your current diet.

Clinic counselors also offer classes in fitness, cooking and meditative activities. Fitness and meditative classes may be offered together because the goals of each can be similar. Although fitness does increase a person metabolism and helps to add muscle and firm the body, it also decreases stress and improves a person’s ability to cope with the everyday stressors in their lives. And, since stress often leads to poor food choices, by decreasing stress in their lives client’s are better able to resist poor choices.

Fitness classes also focus on finding an activity that people will find fun and will continue to use long after they have left the clinic. The weight loss clinic usually offers programs in swimming, hiking, biking, horse riding, and golf.

Cooking classes are offered to help the clients practice preparing the foods in a supportive environment. They teach how to prepare foods that limit fat and sugar but aren’t stingy on taste. The clients have hands on experience with food preparation. They also teach how to incorporate vitamins and herbal teas into their diets to improve digestion, heal damaged cells and encourage the absorption of vitamins from fresh foods.

Clients at weight loss clinics report that the best benefit is the relaxing atmosphere and holiday treatment, which encourages them to repeat the activities at home and increases their chances of success.

One deciding factor when determining the clinic that is right for you can be cost, since the weight loss clinics can be expensive. Clients should also consult their doctor before attending a spa. Clients should be sure to inform the doctor of the activities and foods that are featured since some activities or foods may not be compatible with medications or any underlying health conditions from which they suffer.

If a weight loss clinic fits in the family budget it is definitely a chance to be pampered and learn healthy ways of changing your eating and exercise habits to ensure a healthier trimmer you.


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