What Causes Kidney Stones

Do you know that pain of kidney stone is worse than the childbirth pain? Ask the person who faced the consequences of kidney stone. No one wants to experience it again. The worst part about kidney stone is that if you are developed kidney stone in past then you have more chances to develop it again. It is quite scary. It is important to go to the root of the problem. Know what causes kidney stone and take precautions about that so that your future will be secure.

Are you careless about your diet and water intake? Be careful! There are vast chances to develop kidney stone in your body. Poor diet and fewer water intakes may lead to develop the stone. It can increase your stone size too. The lack pf sufficient water or fluid may add chances of getting the disease.

The body is unable to flush out the waste in form of impurities and toxins. It is because the unnecessary high lever of calcium in the urine. Thus this liquid waste that is concentrated urine minerals and substances form crystals on the kidney. As the size of the some gets bigger and bigger the pain increases in direct proportion. However you have to take care that your stone will dissolve with the time.

Kidney stones are creating problem for man from the ancient times. It is said that ancient Egyptians do posses the disease. Some mummies have this disease and are preserved.

Geographical location matters a lot in term of getting in to. If you live in hot and humid region then chances of forming stones are higher. One of the major causes of kidney stone is dehydration. Therefore, the people living closer to the equator develop stones easily and earlier.

Don’t think that you will not kidney stone. The countries with poor water sanitation are more likely to form stones because of lack of clean water. A country and an individual should look in to the matter.

If you ask me what causes kidney stone then I will show you the research details. There are various causes of kidney stone. The well-known cause is due to not drinking enough fluids. However, drink ten glasses of water every day.

Is your father met kidney stone any time in his life? If yes then you may form the stone in you body. Stone can pass through generations. Your doctor can ask you family history when you go to check yourself. Heredity is one of the causes of kidney stone.

Low levels of activity can lead to form the stones. There are many types of kidney stone that can come across in an individual. Some may form stone due to higher calcium levels or more uric acid in bloods. You will suffer to pass the urine as the stone size increases.

Some diseases like renal tubular acidosis, cystinuria, gout, and urinary tract infections may encourage the stone to grow. You should not the medicines on your own for any health problem. Because some prescribed medicines can do stuff.

What causes kidney stone is not so easy to track but important to detect. Once you know the cause, it is easier to alter your life style accordingly so that you will try the best to dissolve the stone. Make changes and try out home remedies so as to dissolve the stone.

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