What Does Green Living Mean

Human nature what it is, most people are all for cleaning up the environment. They want to stop dumping garbage into the landfills, stop using corrosive material that is dangerous to the environment and ourselves, and stop tearing down the natural resources that won’t be available for our chldren’s children. But no one wants to take responsibility for it.

What does green living mean? How can we make a difference in our environment without jumping off the deep end?

Green living means taking responsibility for the environment – whether you currently define that environment as your own body, your home, the community or the greater global earth. One concept that has taken root in the green living community is zero waste. Zero waste is an idea that incorporates technological advances to attempt to decrease, diminish or totally get rid of waste products by reusing and composting.

Unfortunately most of our society is built around the idea of use and dispose. Entire industries are built on the concept. Our current monetary system is built on the concept. It is central to our society’s culture. In fact it is central to most society’s culture.

What does green living mean? Green living also means sustainability. Sustainability is the concept that people can meet their needs today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet future needs.

Green living means using products in the home that are safe for the environment, both your body and the community as they become waste products. Green living also means decreasing the use of natural and produced resources such as electricity and water. People who are green living also have an awareness of the earth and the processes you impact with your living and waste products.

What does green living mean? Green living also means decreasing the ecological footprint or evidence of your presence in hopes of preserving the earth for future generations. What we take from the earth we must give back in the way of something productive as opposed to filling the landfills with garbage.

Although there are radical believers green living doesn’t mean living in a camp site and running around in sheep’s clothing but instead it is an ecologically sound way of living that answers the need for future generations resources and doesn’t abuse the earth and animals today. Green living is a state of mind because everything you do is put through the test of how it impacts the environment.

Are you part of the problem or the solution? You can’t be both or neither. You are one or the other. The question is – which one?

Small changes in your habits will make toddler home safety easy and decrease the number of accidents that happen in the home and on the road.


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