What Food Causes Gout?

Gout is a very painful condition that affects joints that usually includes swelling, redness and warmness in the affected area. Gout is mainly caused by high levels of purines and uric acid in the body that are mostly derived from the foods that we eat. To help you prevent this condition you need to know what food causes gout.  

To be honest, poor nutrition due to unhealthy eating habits is one of the main causes of gout. You don’t have to worry because as you go through this article you will know what food causes gout. 

Excess purines and uric acid in the body form into crystals in the joints that cause swelling and severe pain. The most targeted joint is the big toe. By being aware of what food causes gout, you can maintain the appropriate diet and prevent or manage gout. 

Purines and uric acid are produced naturally in the body but many foods contain them as well. Excessive amount of purine in the body will definitely increase your chances of having gout. Foods that have high levels of purine include organ meats like liver, entrails, brain and kidneys. Other foods that cause gout are sweetbreads, pork, beef and shellfishes. 

Below is a list of what food causes gout:

- Fishes and shellfishes (sardines, anchovies, trout, cod, herrings, scallops, oysters, lobsters, shrimps and crabs) 
- Meats (bacon, sausages, ham, pork, beef, lamb, entrails of pork and beef)
- Chicken, duck and turkey (eggs)

There are vegetables that are also high in purine and uric acid like the following:

- Asparagus
- Mushrooms
- Lima Beans
- Spinach
- Kidney Beans
- Sweet Beans
- Peas
- Lentils
- Cauliflower

Alcoholic beverages like beer also contribute to gout because they affect or slow down the elimination of uric acid in the body. Also, low-carbohydrate foods triggers gout attacks because they are usually rich in protein. To get rid of uric acid and purine, you need to drink plenty of water. 

In recent studies, it shows that foods related to cardiovascular diseases can also cause gout. Proper diet plays a major role in the prevention of gouts as well as recurrent attacks. It is best that you eat berries like cherries, strawberries, cranberries and blueberries to help your body eliminate purine and uric acid. 

They have been known to contain active chemicals that help the body process and eliminate both purine and uric acid. In addition, they have properties that reduce swelling and inflammation. 

Gout is a condition that can be prevented as well as treated. All that you need to do is to watch the foods that you eat. To know more about what food causes gout, it is best that you talk to a physician or a certified dietician.
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