What lessons do your children learn about food

Can you think back to your childhood? What lessons were you taught about food? Many parents will teach what their parents have taught them, and they will be passed on for many generations unless someone decided to break the cycle.

Were you brought up as part of “the eat all” society. Eat all on your plate, think of the starving children in Africa, India or China? Did you ever understand why leaving that one potato was going to help a starving child in another country when it would be thrown into the garbage.

If you are concerned about the starving people around the world instead of using it as a way to get your child to eat too much food, then you could think about buying less food and sending them the money.

If you want your children to have a healthy idea about food then teach them to eat healthy meals, and try not to put the guilt on them when they have eaten enough. This is totally different from a child who won’t eat anything except what they want.

Think about what you have read and applied to your thinking. If you were brought up to eat everything on your plate, have you continued the cycle by teaching your children to do the same?

Imagine yourself 15 years down the road. Your child is an overweight adult, who do they blame, you the parent. They will be saying well I was an overweight child and my parents made me eat everything on my plate. I wasn’t allowed to leave the table until my plate was clean. My parents never cooked nice dinner all we ever ate was fast food. Now back to reality, how would you feel?

Explain the lessons you want them to learn about food, and how you are giving them something valuable which they can in turn pass onto their children.

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