What Pharmaceutical Companies Don’t Want You to Know

The secret is out, pharmaceutical companies can’t patent a natural substance. That is why the pharmaceutical industry is trying to have simple everyday ailments classified as a disease. The reason for this is to prevent people from enjoying natural remedies for these everyday ailments.

For example, did you know drinking tart cherry juice daily can help to relieve joint pain naturally? Maybe your joint pain was caused by an athletic injury or maybe when you twisted your knee while walking up the stairs. Either way, drinking tart cherry juice can help.

But the big pharma doesn’t want you to drink cherry juice for your joint pain, because they can patent the natural substances found in tart cherry juice. They want you to get a prescription so you can take their expensive drugs. However, thanks to the dedication of natural research scientists, we now know Mother Nature offers a number of natural remedies for everyday ailments.

Mother Natural Reveals Her Secret

Fruits and vegetables play an important role in keeping an individual healthy. Fruits and vegetables provide the body with vital nutrients, minerals and phytochemicals that only whole foods can provide.

Studies show a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of stroke, lower blood sugar, assist with digestive problems and even fight the pain of arthritis and gout. Best of all, these natural solutions also offer great taste.

Getting a good mix of fruits and vegetables daily is easier then you may think. All you need to do is to enjoy the color of the rainbow daily. I realize this is an elementary approach, but the blue hue of the blueberries, the red coloring of tart cherries, the yellow color of a banana purples of dark leafy greens, all offer condition-specific natural remedies.

Although it appears to be elementary advice on the surface, it’s the same advice pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to follow. They want you to think that enjoying a healthy lifestyle can’t be that easy. They want you to become addicted to prescription drugs and forget the natural pharmacy Mother Nature created. Well, let’s take a closer look at the amazing condition-specific benefits fruits and vegetables can offer.

Change of Mindset

The first step is to have a slight change of mindset from simply viewing fruits and vegetables as only providing great taste and nutrients to viewing them as also providing science-backed, condition-specific natural remedies.

The definition of the term “Ceutical” indicates something holds medicinal properties. References can be found in a number of industries including drug, fitness, health, skincare and more. Thus, if fruits and vegetables also have medical or medicinal properties it makes sense to refer to them as FruitCeuticals and VegCeuticals, too.

Fruits, Vegetables and Disease

Published research from many of the world’s leading universities and research organizations can be found on the disease fighting ability of fruits and vegetables. This compelling research further shows the vital connection between consuming fruits and vegetables for condition-specific natural remedies.

The longest and largest study conducted on the ongoing benefits of fruit and vegetable consumption is done in part the by Nurse’s Health Professionals Follow-up Study at Harvard. This study was conducted over a 14-year period and the dietary habits of over 105,000 men and women were studied. The results are eye-opening to anyone interested in following a healthy and natural lifestyle.

Cardiovascular Disease

One finding of the Follow-up study showed the higher the average daily intake of fruits an vegetables actually lowers the risk of an individual developing cardiovascular disease. In addition, vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, spinach and citrus fruits like grapefruit, lemons and limes made important contributions to a healthy cardiovascular system.

Blood Pressure

In 1997, the Dash Collaborative Research Group published findings in the New England Journal of Medicine that examined the effects fruits and vegetables and low-fat dietary products had on blood pressure. The results found that individuals with high blood pressure and followed the diet suggested by the researchers reduced their systolic blood pressure by 11 mm and their diastolic pressure by nearly 6 mm. This findings also found the reduction in the numbers as was much as medications achieved.


Preliminary research also suggests that specific fruits can positively affect the risks associated with type 2 diabetes. For example, in a study of over 66,000 women in the Nurse’s Health Study and Follow-up study found that those free from chronic disease enjoyed higher consumption of whole fruits including cherries, blueberries, raspberries and apples.

Arthritis and Gout

Dr. Ludwig Blau published the first study linking the consumption of the cherries and cherry juice with the reduction of uric acid and gout in the body. The study conducted in 12 gout sufferers and indicated those drinking the cherry juice enjoyed lower plasma urate levels thus reducing the potential of a gout attack.

According to research conducted by Dr. Murale Niar, a researcher at Michigan State University, cherries have the potential to reduce pain and inflammation related to arthritis and gout.

Digestive Health

Fiber contained in fruit and vegetables helps maintain and healthy digestive system. The reason is the fiber absorbs water as it passed through the digestive tract. It helps to reduce irritable bowl and encourages regular bowel movements.

Adding FruitCeuticals and VegCeuticals to your diet are vital to enjoying condition-specific health benefits.

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