Workout with Kids at home

A workout with the kids at home can be next to impossible. You may be a new mom or mother to six but you still need to take care of yourself so that you can adequately take care of others.

Mothers are by definition caretakers. They take of their children, homes, husbands and sometimes parents. That’s not to say that women who don’t have children aren’t caretakers. It only means that women with children have the added challenge of little people who can’t wait for their demands to be met and often interfere with plans to improve the mother’s health and fitness.

Although care taking comes by nature to women, taking care of themselves doesn’t. This is a learned behavior and one that should be learned early. The habits that are begun in the late teens and early twenties, when form is more important than function, can carry over to the late twenties and thirties when children interfere and function becomes more important.

There are too many stories of women who reach their late 40’s to find that their figures have bloomed, their cholesterol skyrocketed and they’ve developed a stress related illness. At this point the potential for long-term success has decreased. Life long habits are difficult to break. Set them in your twenties to health and wellness and maintain that set through those young years of your children.

If your motivation is high you’ll be able to find several ways to incorporate a 30 minute workout 3-5 times a week. This will improve your health, help decrease weight gain and improve your energy levels. One method is to include the kids. Modeling healthy behavior for the children is a great education for them that will last a lifetime. Take them for walks; in jogging strollers, with them on their bikes, using an alley-cat (extension on your bike for older children) or pull behind cart for the kids on a bike.

Another strategy used by some moms is to share times to exercise. Instead of being able to exercise with the partner the partner may be watching your children while you exercise and then you watch hers while she does. It can be very productive since the children are most likely close in age and will have play time freeing your time.

In other instances moms find it productive to exercise for the last 30 minutes before the spouse leaves for work or even while the kids are still sleeping. This necessitates a routine that doesn’t require a gym or using equipment you have at home. There are even early morning jogging groups of moms who are out, while still dark, jogging together, to get home before the spouse leaves.

If the gym is your choice then chose a gym that has daycare provided in the cost of the membership. It will pay for itself many many times over.

What is most important is that you find and make the time to workout with kids at home to decrease the risks of stress related diseases and improve your health and energy level. This way you are better prepared to do the work that you do each day anyway!

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