Healthy snack ideas

Anytime you are trying to lose weight and change your eating plan, you’ll want to have healthy low calorie snacks around the house when you get the munchies. Several different manufacturers have started producing snacks that are packaged in less than 100 calorie bags. While these may be convenient and easy, they are also processed foods that may not be as healthy as the ones you can make at home.

Healthy snacks will be ones that you can grab from the refridgerator or cabinet, low in calories and will help your body to burn fat instead of gain fat. The snacks below you can make on the weekends and have available all week long. When you come home from work, grab one of these while making dinner instead of nibbling on the foods you are cooking.

Fruits that are easy to grab and eat, are high in antioxidants and usually low on the glycemic index are strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blue berries. Banana are filling but are higher in calories than the berries. However, they are also higher in heart healthy magnesium.

Snowpeas are crunchy, sweet, high in fiber and low in calories. You can grab a handful from the fridge without worrying about the calories you’re eating.

Are you searching for something to snack on after dinner? Frozen grapes are sweet and low in calories. Air popped popcorn – without butter – is high in fiber and low in calories. Both will help satisfy that after dinner desire for dessert.

If it’s the middle of the afternoon and you’re hungry grab a Greek yogurt and mix it with some blue berries or strawberries. That should hold you over till dinner time.

Are you out and about and need a snack? Take along a couple of single packaged string cheese packages. They are high in fat and protein, both of which will keep you satisfied, and are pre-packaged in calorie specific amounts.

Do you need a crunchy light snack? Pick up some baby carrots and dip them in humus. Humus is high in protein and lower in calories. The carrots are sweet and give it a great crunch.

Do you need something a bit more substantial? Peel one or two hard boiled eggs and eat those without any toast or mayonaisse.

Snacks will help your body to burn more fat will be higher in protein and fiber. Snacks that have those ingredients to help your body operate efficiently are almonds, berry smoothie with Greek yogurt and frozen berries, Edamame, and lentil salad with tomatoes.

If you think that a tall drink will do the trick, then make a tall glass of green tea. This tea has great health benefits and when mixed with some ginger, will help suppress your appetite.

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