Natural remedies for Arthritis

Arthritis is a debilitating condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Arthritis is essentially an inflammation of the joints that becomes very painful. There are over one hundred different types of arthritis. Many types of arthritis will become so severe that it disrupts the life of the arthritis sufferer.

There are quite a few prescription and over the counter drugs that people will use to try to keep their arthritis pain under control. But these drugs may have adverse side effects or interfere with other medications that you may be taking. If your doctor starts prescribing narcotics to help you deal with the arthritis pain, then you run the risk of becoming addicted and needing higher doses of the narcotics to keep the pain under control.

Many people are now turning to natural remedies for their arthritis. Natural remedies will have less side effects and can be just as effective as the prescription medications.

One of the cheapest and effective ways of treating arthritis pain is Epsom salt. This salt contains magnesium which has anti-inflammatory properties and anti-arthritic properties. Magnesium sulfate can easily be absorbed through the skin. Fill a bathtub with hot water and add two cups of Epsom salts to the bath. The hotter the bath the better. Soak in the bath for thirty minutes and add hot water as needed to maintain the temperature. The heat from the bath and the anti-inflammatory properties of the Epsom salt can help reduce the pain from arthritis. But if you are pregnant or have heart disease, you should check with your doctor before you take very hot baths.

Glucosamine Sulfate is a natural arthritis remedy that is just as effective as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for reducing the pain of arthritis. But the glucosamine does not erode your stomach lining like the NSAIDs can do. The best type of glucosamine sulfate is the liquid form, because it has a better absorption rate. Avoid the glucosamine sulfate that has NaCl or KCL listed in the ingredients. Sometimes these will be listed as salt and potassium. These two ingredients will reduce the amount of glucosamine you will receive per dose.

Three other natural remedies that have been proven to be highly effective against arthritis pain is Devil’s claw, Feverfew and Ginger. Devil’s claw has anti-inflammatory properties. The recommended dose is 1,000 milligrams twice a day. Feverfew has been used for centuries as a highly effective anti-inflammatory. The recommended dose of feverfew is 250 milligrams twice a day. In one study, Ginger was effective at providing some relief from the pain and swelling of arthritis in seventy-five percent of the subjects studied. A lot of people will drink ginger tea or apply ginger compresses to get relief from arthritis pain and swelling.

Vitamins that are beneficial in reducing arthritis pain and swelling are vitamins C, A, B-complex vitamins and Vitamin E. These vitamins have been proven to increase collagen production and repair connective tissue. Adding Omega 3 fatty acids can also help with the pain and swelling.

If you are considering using natural remedies to treat your arthritis pain and swelling, make sure you check with your doctor first. He or she can make sure that these natural remedies will not interact with any prescription medication you may be taking.

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